Eleni K.

Business and Law Writer & Researcher, 11 years of experience

I have 11 years research and writing experience on business and law and I can help you with the completion of relevant research projects of all academic levels . Emphasis is given on quality, communication and on time delivery but also on the variety and appropriateness of supportive material.

I have worked on academic projects of different structural and content characteristics, including essays, proposals, reports and business plans. I have been involved in all phases of academic support, including research on the literature, writing and editing. My work has been related to various academic fields, such as business, law, management/ marketing, social sciences, history, education and tourism. I had the chance to work on papers based on different referencing styles, such as Harvard, APA, Chicago and OSCOLA.

What I can help you with
• Writing of academic papers of various types, such as essays, reports and article reviews
• Preparation of outlines and proposals
• Development of dissertations
• Legal research, legislation/ case law
• Research on the literature
• Research on markets in terms of published data and reports
• Development of business plans

Past performance
• Completion of a quite high volume of academic projects
• High success rate – in terms of the grade of the completed papers

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Social Sciences
  • Law
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