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Interested in Helping Students Get Better Grades?

WritePass provides you with a platform where you can gain access to hundreds of students globally, within your subject area, and assist them in achieving better grades.

You can be a WritePass specialist part time or in your spare time; set your availability, subject area and service preference, and supplement your income by assisting students.

How Does WritePass Work?

How You Work with Clients

Here's how you get to help clients through WritePass.


Client Submits Order

They'd usually detail their requirements and expectations, and indicate a deadline.


Accept Order

If you believe you can assist, you may indicate interest. We'll assign it to you if we find the order suitable for you.


Deliver Assistance

You get to work directly with the client to complete the order before the deadline provided.

Why Join the WritePass team?

It’s basically just like back when you were a student. The difference here is you get to pick the topics you want to work on and you’d be paid well for writing or editing.


You can expand on your knowledge and try out new subject areas, as long as you are comfortable in your ability to learn.


You are paid monthly, once each job is completed.


You have a variety of projects to work on, from short essays to lengthy projects. We also have articles, proofreading or editing projects… incase you want to take a break from research based tasks.


It’s mostly ideal for individuals who like to write and want an alternate source of income. In addition to your day job, you could be making up to £2,000 extra monthly for a few extra hours of work each day.

On becoming a writer with us, you gain access to an internal job board, where new projects are posted on a daily basis. You bid for these jobs and are selected based on your qualification and past record with us. You have a limited timeframe to complete it, and once completed and passed through quality checks, you invoice us (usually on the 21st of each month). Payments are made at the end of each month.

How to Join WritePass

Understand Our Requirements

We have basic requirements for each writer to fulfil before they can join the Write Enterprise team. Read and understand our application process, and if you meet the requirements, we’d be happy to receive your application.

Write The Trial Essay & Apply

Once you are satisfied that you have met our basic requirements, then you may proceed to write our trial essay, and submit an application using the application form on this website.

WritePass Writer Minimum Requirements

  • Native or fluent english speaker, with impeccable written communication skills.
  • A keen eye for detail and a talent for originality.
  • An outstanding level of knowledge in your respective subject area.
  • Have a degree level qualification with any of the following grades as a minimum:
    1. UK Undergraduate with a 2.1. Grade and above.
    2. UK Postgraduate with a Merit and above.
    3. US Undergraduate B or 3.0 GPA Equivalent and above.
  • You must be in possession of required documents, such as:
    1. A copy of your ID.
    2. An electronic version of your academic transcript.
    3. Your CV / Resume.
    4. A sample assignment you’ve written previously.

Download & Complete Trial Essay

You are to select a subject area you’d like to write a trial essay on.  Pick ONE of the trial essays within that subject area and follow the instructions in the file. As a new writer, you would ONLY be assigned projects within your subject area, so kindly choose that which you are most comfortable with.

Your application would be processed much faster if you submitted the form along with the trial essay. If you did not, then we’d have to refer you to complete the trial essays AFTER we have received your application.

Submit Application

Our application form may take up to 10 minutes to fill, so you may want to save the replies on an external document just in case.

Click on the button below to begin filling out the application form.

How We Assess Your Application

Your application form would be assessed based on several criteria:

1. You would need to show that you have met our basic requirements on the application form.

2. Your completed trial essay would then be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Grammar
  • Structure & Coherence
  • Referencing
  • Critical Analysis
  • Ability to answer the question

Once these 2 areas are assessed, you would be sent an email within 5 – 7 days on the outcome of your application.

Payment Details

Payments for each project are as follows:

  • £40 – £60 per 1,000 words for writing services.
  • £4 – £10 per 1,000 words for proofreading services.
  • £20 – £25 per 1,000 words for editing and quality improvement services.
  • £80 – £150 for SPSS / Statistical analysis done on a dissertation.
  • £400 – £800 for 10 – 15,000 word dissertations.

Fee differs based on academic level, subject area, and complexity of projects. We also pay higher if the client gets a desired grade or if the project is urgent.

Our prices are generally in line with industry standards, and prices paid by other legitimate and VAT registered essay writing services based in the UK that recruit qualified writers.

Payments are made monthly, usually at the end of each month, after an invoice for services has been received and processed.

Apply for a position at WritePass

Once you are satisfied that you meet the requirements and have completed the trial essay, you may submit your application easily using the button below. You would be redirected to an application form that takes about 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

Submit WritePass Application