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Client Title
Paulino. Order No. 7055 As in previous orders, I'm highly impressed with the quality of responsiveness in all my requests which were quite few for this particular order . My special remarks goes to Funmi to which I hold an especial appreciation for her communication and promptness in my queries. Just thanks
Kelechi. Order No. 7308 Thanks for checking up. Indeed I got a good grad on the paper, given the limited time available to the writer to prepare it. I was satisfied with the service. Though, I could not make a many contributions towards the finalised piece, I hope that as I have placed another order in sufficient time to the deadline I will be able to make relevant contributions.
Abdulrazak. Order No. 7318 Hello Tayo. Sorry I am glad to give you my work .. Really it is amazing work I got from you . I will be your regaler customer But I am Looking for special care. I am waiting form my supervisor to review it and give me the feedback so I will come to you again .
Michelle. Order No. 7329 I got 80%
Abdul. Order No. 7292 Unfortunately, I got B ;(
Arthur. Order No. 7423 This is to acknowledge receipt of the said essay. I must say the work done is tremendous!!
Anna. Order No. 7135 Hi there, marked 66 only:( see the feedback below. A very good essay. You write with great clarity and make fine use of an array of well chosen sources. The essay structure is logical, culminating in a clear answer to the question.
Ayub. Order No. 7136 Hi. I received only order 7136 and my result is 65%. thank you
Zain. Order No. 7066 I received a grade of 65, thank you very much
Malven. Order No. 7051 Hi. I did get my results which was 2:1- I was happy with it and thank you for a good job well done. The work was well structured and covered all aspects needed. Best regards

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