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Programming assignments can be daunting. If you’re studying Information Technology, Computer Science, Networking or any course remotely related to IT, you may have been asked to write a code, design a website, configure a database application etc.

These assignments tend to be difficult, unless you really have a knack for syntax, elements, functions and variables. We understand that you may have been tasked with a programming assignment, but not have the time or versatility in this field, and that’s why writepass can help you with your programming assignments.

So what can WritePass do?

Programming assignments tend to be diverse, and usually extend across different fields and programming languages. We may be able to assist you in one of the following ways:

  • XHTML and CSS assignments.
  • PHP / MySQL assignments.
  • Database setup and Relationship Mapping.
  • Java Applications.
  • Content Management Applications.

What have we done previously?

Programming is not just about what you say can do, but what you have done previously, so here’s a short list of programming projects we’ve been engaged in previously:

  • Designed and developed a minicab ordering website (along with it’s backend) in PHP / MYSQL.
  • Designed and developed a BitTorrent client in Java.
  • Several assignments that required building a website using HTML and CSS.

We have also written several IT focused dissertations that involved building applications, then writing a 10 - 15,000 word report on it. Such as the minicab ordering website listed above.

What else do I need to know?

  • As stated previously, programming projects (and assignments) are mostly about solving a problem. So if you need programming help, contact us with the details.
  • As an agency, we are able to source the best programming talent at the most affordable rate for you.
  • Programming assignments are billed per hour and based on the complexity of the work.

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