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Are you ready to be called "Dr"?

PhD qualifications are incredible. You are respected and recognised as a qualified authority in your respective field. You have a 'license to teach', and can impart a great deal of knowledge on the next generation of university students. It's not just about teaching either, PhD holders are also regarded as 'equals' by academics, and command a higher salary.

What does it take?

PhD qualifications are not easy though. It is a demonstration of research competence and command of an academic field, and in order to qualify, you'd need to achieve the following:


Firstly, you need to have the required academic qualifications in order to be accepted for a PhD study.


Secondly, you need to know what you'd like to research.


Thirdly, you'd need to submit a PhD proposal and get it accepted.


Fourthly, you have write a thesis that is significant, original and contributes to knowledge.


Finally, unlike Master degrees, PhDs could last for up to 5 years, and your finished project could be up to 80,000 words.

Are you ready for the challenge?

So we've shown that PhDs are not easy, but they can also be highly rewarding. The only question you need to ask now is "am I ready?", because if you're not, then you should not start it. But if you are, then we'd be happy to assist you in anyway we can.
Below, we've listed a number of ways we've assisted PhD students successfully in the past.

PhD Proposals

We have written a number of PhD proposals for students in the fields of Law, Business, Finance, Social Science amongst others. We understand the need for originality in such proposals and can guarantee that you would get accepted if you use us to write your PhD proposal.

PhD Thesis Writing

We've done it several times, and are eager to assist you. We start with your Introduction, then progress to the Literature Review, Methodology, Data Analysis... and from there on.
We know you would need several alterations, and we have guarantees in place for unlimited alterations. If you need PhD writing assistance, then we're the best bet for you.

PhD Editing

Most students have written several chapters themselves, but need assistance with editing.
Our academic editing service would cover the following:

  • Grammar & Spelling
  • Structure & Coherence
  • Critical Analysis
  • Plagiarism
  • Relevance

That way you know you have reliable people watching your back and helping you out in anyway they can.

What else do I need to know?


Prices for PhD Writing Assistance start from $118.8 / 1,000 words. Editing services are half the price.

Extra costs

We understand the need for multiple alterations and this is allowed within the original scope

Words limit

We may limit PhD orders to batches of 15,000 words, in order to avoid complications.

Qualified writers

We have qualified PhD writers, with PhD qualifications, that are very eager to assist you.

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