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Exams are one of the unfortunate realities of university life, but it is essential you approach them in the right way.

We all know that working with someone else can give you a different perspective on course materials, and a lot can be accomplished by sharing skills and resources with others: well WritePass makes the ultimate study partner.

What can WritePass do?

By reviewing your course content, we can help you to consolidate and integrate everything you have learnt so that you are in best possible shape to tackle that exam. As such, we can help you with the following:


Review and edit your class notes and provide summary notes of important concepts and information.


Help to fill in any gaps in your understanding to help develop an awareness of the things you don't understand.


Identify subject or areas that may be asked in an exam.


Provide essential exam preparation revision tools, such as concept maps, or flashcards to help you pinpoint any areas of weakness.

When you sit down to study, you need to know what you want to complete in that specific study time. WritePass can help you to design an effective study plan; so that you can effectively divide your time and work load into manageable chunks.

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