Magoosh GRE

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Choose at least two social work theories; explain their main principles, advantages and disadvantages and apply them to the assessment, planning and intervention in one of the case studies provided below.

| February 8, 2017

Introduction Recognition of the importance of evidence and theory-based practice in social work has grown in recent years (Webb, 2001). Their importance in this field of work should be encouraged as early as possible.

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Aspect Of Contract And Negligence For Business

| January 18, 2017

Abstract This paper is focused on providing information about important principles of contract and negligence for business. The first part of the paper discusses the specificity of contract law by emphasising details from two case studies: East Midlands Airways Airbus and a case of the supply of mobile phones.

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A consideration of the principles and practice that underpin the Early Years Foundation Stage and how the current framework relates to young children’s needs and interests

| January 13, 2017

Introduction DfE (2013a) enunciates that the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a set of statutory guidelines which all childcare providers (including schools, nurseries and children’s centres) must adhere to in catering for children between the ages of 0 to 5, upon which time they will enter full-time education. 

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