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Roskill and Howard Davies Airport Commissions and the Third London Airport

| February 9, 2017

Introduction London’s airports are operating close to capacity and there are challenges associated with the location particularly of Heathrow airport, such as noise pollution and safety of London’s populace (DOT, 2003; Helsey and Codd, 2012). Capacity expansion pursuits have been long drawn over half a century involving two airport commissions and political intrigues (FT, 2014).

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Aviation management

| February 8, 2017

How did Stansted get the go ahead to become London’s 3rd airport? Pursuits for expansion of London airport capacity have been long drawn involving various Airport Commissions and political intrigues (FT, 2014). The quest for the Third London Airport particularly with regard to competing proposals for a new airport at Cublington and the expansion of […]

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