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Surrealism and Film- According to Harper and Stone, Un Chien Andalou: ‘revealed the cinema as the true metaphor of the dream state’Discuss this proposition using either Un Chien Andalou or any other film from the early period of Surrealism

| September 22, 2016

Abstract This essay has been written to explore the metaphor behind the surrealist film Un Chien Andalou.  Harper and Stone (2007) have stated that this ‘…revealed the cinema as the true metaphor of the dream state…’  Harper and Stone (2007:8).  This essay will be discussed in conjunction with the Surrealist movement, a brief overview of […]

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An evaluation of marketing strategies in international insurance companies, with a view to identifying successful strategies for future use within the industry

| September 21, 2016

Literature Review Issues relating to the marketing of insurance companies have been the subject of many discussions, often focusing particularly on one jurisdiction and the ways in which organisations can become more internationally successful.

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The significance of locale, criminality and sexuality in So I Am Glad by A.L. Kennedy

| September 20, 2016

Introduction Certain themes prevail throughout much of Gothic literature. These include sexuality, the notion of the ‘other’, the uncanny, and the exploration of the ‘haunted house’. In AL Kennedy’s So I Am Glad, many of these themes are present. This paper will examine sexuality, criminality and locale in Kennedy’s novel. 

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A Thematic Analysis of Hope and Other Urban Tales by Laura Hird

| September 15, 2016

Abstract This essay analyses the theme of escape in Laura Hird’s Hope and Other Tales. As well as this, an exploration of narrative tone and style is considered, along with the author’s choice of structure and characterisation.

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Business Writing Skills

| September 15, 2016

Introduction Writing is an influential part of communication. Different circumstances have a distinct format of writing that is required for written information to communicate the intended message (Guffey, 2003).

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Reflective Report on ‘Cultural Shock’

| September 2, 2016

Executive Summary This reflective report encompasses my transition from Nigeria to the Nottingham Trent International College to the Nottingham Trent University.  With a focus on personal goals and learning outcomes, this study has found a substantial indication of successful educational efforts.  Utilizing the Gibbs (2008) reflective model, the full range of benefits during the transition […]

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Children’s Literature Review

| September 1, 2016

Introduction This literature review explores the contemporary assumptions that underpin the theories and criticisms in children’s literature. Although this genre of literature has fairly recently been made into an academic discipline, it has become an increasingly important area in literary scholarship.

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Primitivism Revisited: Basquiat between Blackness, Otherness, and the Old-New

| August 30, 2016

Introduction Primitivism in modern art is most commonly related with the depiction of non-Western motives and images, which are taken from different cultures and which show the fascination of the modern world with the cultural past of distant civilisations (Rhodes, 1994; Goldwater, 1986).

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Gender equality in the workplace

| August 11, 2016

Gender equality in the workplace – How does the supposed gender pay gap between male and female employees affect effectiveness and motivation within the workplace?

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Can Dickens be Considered a Marxist Writer?

| May 1, 2014

Abstract: This paper considers Dicken’s as a Marxist writer by examining his interest in the stories that lie behind mass-produced objects; in particular it closely considers Dicken’s article entitled ‘Early Workers at Sorting’.

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