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Welcome to The WritePass Journal.

As UK university graduates, we understand how it is like to complete a degree with decent grades. It is very difficult, especially as an international student. The situation is especially significant due to the fact that no decent recruiter anywhere would even consider interviewing you without a 2.1. degree.

To gain this degree, you first need to acclimatise to the UK educational and social environments.

Then you come to understand how different the UK system may be from your previous educational system (if you’re an international student). Even as an indigenous UK student, it is still difficult for most people.

As a MBA graduate, the things I found especially difficult were:

1. Figuring out how to write an essay in the first place, better yet, a first class essay.

2. Wondering how on earth I was meant to get a job while at uni, or an internship so I could pay my bills.

3. Getting a dissertation topic, a decent research subject (or company), and writing a quality dissertation.

4. Completing the bloody degree and getting a job.

These were my most difficult challenges, and as you may suspect, I never achieved the “getting a job” part, but I did write first class essays, get a job while at uni and was commended for a distinction grade dissertation. That was because I was lucky, but not a lot of people are.

We established WritePass as a path towards helping people with their most immediate needs relating to essays and dissertations. Now we are extending our assistance to the whole student community by launching The WritePass Journal… reminiscent of a student’s journal right from when they decide to go to uni, till when they graduate and get that job. We want to help you with everything, so you never need to worry about anything. Ever.

We hope that The WritePass Journal would be useful for you.

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