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| December 12, 2017

WritePass Essay Writing CompanyThings You Need to Know – 2018

Don’t buy anything from WritePass…

Yes that’s right, don’t buy anything from us.

Don’t even look at all the Free resources or WritePass Journal that gets you in touch with
our Writers, so you can ask a question without paying ANYTHING.

Don’t get your Free Dissertation Topics for FREE of cost that others charge you at least 35 GBP to come up with.

>>But there’s one thing you MUST Do…

No matter who you get in touch with in terms of getting your Writing Assignment completed, or get your advice from, we encourage you to do the following and check out the following page:

WritePass Offers 

Why is this page so important?

Well, we would like you to have enough information as to what you should be asking when selecting an Essay Writing company.

>>>-We notice new Essay Writing companies popping up everyday claiming all the wonders they can do for you – for almost Minimal Cost.

Given we have been in this business for since 2009, we know a thing or two about good competition from bad one.

WritePass Essay Writing Company

So before you put your hard money to work, make sure the Essay Writing Company will Write a Paper for you that would have at least the following:

What to Look for? WritePass Offers WritePass


~ What is the exact Quality you can expect?
~ At the minimum ~ 2.1 or B+ Quality for your Essay or Dissertation


~ Is there any Guarantee?
~ Money Back Guarantee and/OR Refund

Plagiarism Free

~ Is the Essay Writing company offering Quality review by a third Party Writer?
~ Manual Third Party Quality Review along with Software Review


~ How many amendments are offered? Is the Essay Writing Company charging you for amendments?
~ Unlimited Amendments ~ Our Customers Love this!


~ Is the Essay Writing company delivering Essays on-time?
~ WritePass delivers Your Essays On-Time

Pay Only a Deposit to Get Started

~ Can you pay a deposit and get started immediately?
~ Only Pay 50% Deposit to get Started. Credit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal Accepted

Expert Writers

~ Ask about Writer Tenure with the Company? Most Companies struggle with that.
~ Relevant Writers that have been with the company on an average of at least 2+ years.

Customer Service

~ Can you talk to a human being? Most Writing Companies have Chat Bot setup, so be careful.
~ You can call and talk to our Customer Service department. You can also communicate with your Writer.


~ Cheap Prices will only get you Cheap Writers, so be careful
~ Don't fall prey to Cheap prices, this will only get you Cheap Document and frustration

>>>-So MUCH of your Custom Writing depends on these factors and adapting to your changes in a timely manner.

That’s why we take much pride in our customer service and our ability to meet your demand.

>>>-We hate to tell you…

but those new companies that with Amazing Graphics on their site don’t have enough resources or the type of writer’s to deal with your complex assignments.

So, make the right choice and let WritePass help you with your New Year’s assignments going into 2018.

By working with a trusted source like WritePass, you will be more confident because you know you are going to get a Quality Assigment.

Better yet,  you can now get your essayproposal or dissertation for only £95 (or $95) per 1000 words! Think of it as an early Christmas present from us to you!

You can get this deal until  December 15, 2017 and with no gimmicks, no special offers – just rock bottom prices – what you see is what you pay!

If you want to make the most of these special prices kindly reply to this email with the details of your assignment, or go to our website and place an order with us.

Do you want to know if WritePass can help your Write your Essay, take a look at this detailed article.  You asked can you Write My Essay and we have responded.

Also, we provide you some good information about what to look for while choosing an Essay Writing company, so have a look: Can WritePass help me Write My Essay?

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