Top 15 scholarships in UK for international students

| November 2, 2017

Top 15 scholarships in UK for international students UK 2017/2018

Did you know that international students can come to the UK and get a free education?  Many students don’t realize that, but it’s true.  Our attempt to collect top 15 scholarships in UK for international students is just the tip of iceberg.  As you dig deeper, you can find a lot more resources to help you quickly get qualified for a scholarship.

Top 15 scholarships in UK for international students

There’s a lot of opportunities and benefits for the International Students in the UK, which includes one of the greatest option to pursue, and that’s FREE education.

Whatever the subject matter or your Major, you can ensure that you can learn something grand if you just take on the challenge of getting an education in the UK.  Often students lack the desire or resources to research various different options that can save them thousands of pounds while studying.

We plan to keep this page updated, so check back soon as we will be adding more UK scholarships for international students 2018.

From finding student accommodation to applying for funding for a post graduate degree program there are tons of resources available at WritePass.

We have compiled the list of top list on how to get scholarship in UK for International Students to help offset the costs, consider the following top scholarships that can help you not only pursue a good degree option, but to do so without having to spend a lot of money.

That’s right, FREE education if you qualify for these scholarships.

Chevening Scholarships

The first option is a simple one, and it’s a global scholarship option that is given to scholars that are top of their classes. If you’re an outstanding student, and you are in a country that qualifies for this scholarship, you can pursue a master’s degree that will cover everything from living expenses, to airfare, and so much more.

chevening University

You can even get grants to help you get more leverage as well.

Commonwealth Scholarships

For those that want to pursue the option of getting a master’s degree or a doctorate, then this is going to help you out.


This is an option that helps people from third world and developing countries to get higher education for free. This option covers everything, including a grant for a thesis, initial allowances, and much more. This basically covers everything that may be needed.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

This scholarship is given to people anywhere outside of the UK that are looking for a postgraduate degree in subjects that Cambridge offers.


This covers the cost of school, and is funded to help students with living expenses and much more.

Rhodes Scholarships 

One of the premier schools in the UK is giving away scholarships to outstanding students that are willing to move and study in the UK.

These are given to students that have exceptional grades, and have pursued higher education. This covers nearly everything, including airfare, and more.

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

There are 30 scholarships that are given annually to those that want to study for a doctorate at this premier graduate school in the UK.


The awards help cover a great deal of the costs that students will face, but doesn’t cover additional charges. However, it is a scholarship that covers studies, and that’s a big deal for many.

Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London

Students that want to go to UCL will find that this is a great option that covers a great deal of the tuition for going to this school.


It is given to those that are looking at undergraduate opportunities and want to move to London to study. The scholarship covers the annual fee of school, and can cover an additional set of fees if need be, with a total of 9,000 given for this option.

University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships

The next set of scholarships will help pay 50% of the tuition for a student that seeks graduate degrees and more in Sussex.


This is not going to cover more than the tuition, but exceptional students will be able to get further grants and can even apply for full-time residency and more based on this scholarships platform.

UAL Vice-Chancellor’s Post Graduate International Scholarships

Another opportunity for students that are coming from developing nations, this option allows students to get a master’s degree from the University of Arts London, without paying the high price tag. Ten students will be given 25,000 for this opportunity.


Bristol University International Office Scholarships

Another great option gives students 8,500 towards their degrees, and can pursue an undergraduate option at the school.


This doesn’t cover more than the allotted amount, but students can get grants, and further options to ensure that they finish their education in the UK.

University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships

For those that want to study in West London, this is an opportunity not to miss.


This option supports students with 5,000, and gives those that are pursuing undergraduate and post graduate degrees an easier time getting their educational needs met. This is for outstanding students of any country.

University of West England Chancellor’s Scholarships

International students that are looking at getting their cut of 100,000 will find that this will cover a full tuition for one academic year.


Each student will need to take an internship with an international office, and may need to work as well. Either way, this covers a full year of academia.

Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together Scholarships

Moving forward, you’ll find that this option covers half of the tuition for students that are looking for a post graduate degree.


If you’re seeking an undergraduate degree, this can also cover some of the costs, but it’s meant to help those that are looking to further their education within the UK. It’s only for full-time students, but it’s well worth exploring.

University of Westminster International Scholarships

Opportunity abounds for those that are in developing nations. This covers upwards everything to the student. This includes tuition, accommodations, expenses, and flights.


The student just needs to show up and accept the award, as well as pursue a full-time master’s degree in nearly any field. This only goes to eligible students of first world and developing nations only.

Developing Solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham

Students that are seeking an opportunity to study here will find that there are 105 scholarships that will be sent out. It helps with students that are from Africa, India, and third world nations across the world.


There are only 30 scholarships that cover 100% of the fees, and 75 that cover half of the tuition. Either way, there’s a lot of opportunity for those that want to study in the UK.

University of Bradford Global Development Scholarships

Lastly, this scholarship covers both tuition and living costs as well. This helps students that are having to deal with hardships in their home countries, and need a place to live.


Refugees, and those that are dealing with political strife are eligible for this option and it covers the full tuition fees and housing while studying.

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