Study and Work in Canada – With Citizenship

| November 28, 2017

Study and Work in Canada – With Citizenship

Study and work in Canada, yes you heard that right.  Canada is not just the land north of the United States. It’s a country that is progressive, and is allowing people to not only come through to learn, but also become citizens with an easier path than ever.

Study and Work in Canada

If one were to compare the citizenship route that students have to work with in regard to the United States, you’ll find that the Canadians are doing something far easier to manage.

The goal of the Canadian plan to invite students into the country and give them a better chance at citizenship is in large part to help diversify the country. Canadian leadership wants to create a stronger, well-educated, and diverse population. The reason why is simple, Canada has a low birthrate, and a population that is aging rapidly.

The demographics of the country is set to shift, due in large part to the fact that international students are taking on the idea of becoming Canadian citizens through their educational programs. This is something that benefits the country, and benefits students at the same time. It helps out a great deal.

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The Government Helps Students

Starting in November 2017, the Canadian government has done something grand to create a course that will help immigrants have what is known as Express Entry. This is something that is going to help allow residency turned into citizenship based on student status OR s we call it study and work in Canada.

The reason for this is because the need for talented individuals in many fields is growing, and there’s not enough citizens to cover the need. With the introduction of a thinning population, immigration is dropping and needs to jump in order to cover industries that are waning.

According to the New York Times, the international student population has grown by nearly 10% thanks to the changes in student immigration status. This is a solution that has garnered upwards of 350,000 new students in the past couple of years.

Canada wants to work with more than half a million students within the next ten years, and wants more than half of them to stay and become Canadian citizens, helping the industries that are waning, beef up a bit. This streamlines and give course to students that want to study and work in Canada with a chance to obtain Citizenship that is much faster, and advantageous for those that want an education and want to stay in Canada after their educational elements are done.

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Canadian Reputation

It’s imperative to understand that Canada’s higher education system is one that rivals other countries. It rivals the United States, for instance, with a great deal of solutions that are not only affordable, and are quite revered in academia.

The higher education options in Canada are quite good, and international students are seeing this more than ever. Thanks in large part to the fact that the Canadian Bureau for International Education have been promoting options for international students to come through.

This is a great thing, considering that the effects of allowing students to study and work in Canada have paid off at the government level. For instance, if you look at the immigration minister for the country, you’ll see the effects paying off.

The new Immigration Minister of Canada was a refugee that came to the country from Somalia. He was able to garner a law degree from the University of Ottawa, and is now helping the country’s immigrants and beyond.

The White Push Out

There is a drawback that the New York Times notes. Native Canadians, including white individuals that are making up the society and current workforce majority, may feel that they are going to be pushed out by their own country. This is something that European countries felt and the United States felt in recent years, and something that has created a great deal of issues.

One need to only look at Canada’s history and understand that from the 1970s minorities have been flocking to Canada, but nothing like the boost that has been coming through with the international student solution. The recent census is starting to show that upwards of 30% of the population will be nonwhites, especially in the larger cities in Canada like Toronto.

The Large Influx of Students By The Numbers

For those that are looking at this as a good thing, Canada is definitely opening up their academic world to immigration. Immigrants that are coming into the country are learning valuable things, becoming citizens, and helping the country in many ways.

The best schools are allowing students to come in, and they are only getting the best applicants, as usual. Well known schools such as McGill University, located in Montreal has a population of roughly 18% immigrant students, and while locals aren’t always happy with the idea of immigrant students, they are not paying nearly as much as immigrant students being accepted to the school’s programs.

Now, you’re going to find that schools are investing big in international offerings. For instance, you’ll find that the University of British Columbia is putting upwards of $127 Canadian dollars to push through an international area for their college.

They want to ensure that they can bring about more students and more helpful opportunities for people that want a higher education, and want to stick around Canada moving forward.

The Price Tag

Schools are not just interested in diversity, they are looking at the money. International students are paying more money than the average Canadian citizen. That will help many schools that are hemorrhaging money, gain more profit and keep going forward.

That’s a good thing, and many are starting to realize that it’s the best way to create profitable margins for academia that is not always budgeted properly. It’s a solution that many colleges in the United States are doing right now.

Colleges that specialize in Applied Sciences, Math, English, and more, are starting to get international attention. Of the immigrants that are coming to the Canadian colleges, you’ll find that China is sending the most. However, getting through the acceptance process of these colleges is not simple.

So critics have to consider that the students accepted not only know the language of the area they are going to be going to live in, they have to pass certain scholastic elements as well.

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