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| November 13, 2017

How To Write A Stronger Thesis Statement – Essential Tips

Writing a strong thesis is one of the most important things that you can do in regards to essay writing in college. If you’re going to become one of the top student OR anything else that you do in life, knowing how to structure a correct thesis statement is going to help you. So, how to you go about Writing a Thesis Statement?  Let’s explore this together:

A thesis statement is an interesting thing to consider as it is part of the main idea of your essay

A thesis statement is an interesting thing to consider as it is part of the main idea of your essay

If your goal is to be a better writer, than the following tips are just for you.  This is a solid option that is going to give you a great option to move forward with, especially if your goal is to master the art of essay writing.

Thesis Statement Defined

The first thing that you need to consider is simple, you need to consider what this truly is. A thesis statement is an interesting thing to consider as it is part of the main idea of your essay. This should appear in your essay as a way to inform readers what you’re going to be discussing and explaining. It can be a single sentence statement, or it could be a couple of sentences. Your thesis topic needs to explain to the reader what you’re going to be proposing with your writing.

Dividing The Thesis Statements

The next thing that you need to know is that you are going to have to deal with two major statements.

These are thesis options that will make or break your essay. This is an option that is going to help you gain the upper hand when writing. The first option is an informative thesis, which gives the reader a better idea of what you’re going to be writing about.

The best way to do this is to write a cause and effect sentence. An example of this could be similar to this: To ride a skateboard, you first need to get a board, and then kick and push in one direction.

This is not the only type of thesis that you are going to want to consider. There’s several other options that you need to know about. The second solution is known as a persuasive thesis. This is something that will help you create a reason why you’re trying to write your essay and why the premise is stated as you want it to be said.

For instance, use a sentence similar to this: Skateboarding is the best type of sport, because it lets you be creative, and is easy to learn.

As you can see, this option lets you create an opinion that you will then talk about in your essay. This is different than the informational solution, which lets you have a full narrative based on one statement. This is something that you will need to consider overall, as it is an important example as to how to divide thesis elements. This is an important thing to learn if you’re going to create a strong thesis overall.

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Style and Substance of Your Thesis

If you’re going to create a good thesis, you’re going to need to either go with one point or several points. This is something that can be a matter of your own assignment. For instance, if your teacher is going to ask you to write an essay that is about one topic, and there’s one point that you need to make in a small essay, then you don’t need to have a list of topics. Instead, you’ll need to work with one overarching point into the paragraphs that you’re going to be creating.

You’ll find that the length of your essay is going to mean a lot. An essay that is shorter than 5 pages, will ensure that you will not have to write about several different points. You’ll find that one topic will be easy to work with if you’re going to write five pages or under.

Now, if you’re going to write a larger paper, you’re going to need to put in a lot of effort to create a serious push into your points. Your thesis will need a list of statements and topics because you’ll be writing an extensive amount of information about the topic.

What To Look For In A Solid Thesis

Your thesis statement has to have 3 major components. These are going to help you gain the upper hand moving forward.

The length for instance, will be the first thing that you need to consider. Your sentence shouldn’t be too long. Anything longer than 30 words is too long, and anything less is ok, but you have to ensure you have a complete position.

The position of your thesis also matters. This is something that you will need to write that has an opinion on the matter. You need to write as though you believe the statement on a small scale, to then discuss it on a larger scale.

The last thing that you need to have is a moment of strength, meaning that your statement has to be fully realized and closed overall.

What does a strong thesis look like? Well, here’s an example of what you can do.

Skateboarding is a great sport because it’s fun to learn.

In that sentence, you have an argument that answers itself in one sentence. Now, if you were to write an essay around that sentence, you could easily bring about several elements to discuss the question of “why”, which is why essays are written in academia and in professional settings.

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Composing Thesis Statements

Overall, when you’re thinking about writing an essay, make sure that you look into creating a simple way of describing arguments overall. What are you trying to explain with your essay? Seriously, what is it that you want to convey? If you consider this, you’ll be able to write a sentence that explains things with relative ease. This is a great option to consider. Direct your research towards the sentence of your thesis, and you will see a positive push forward, no doubt.

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