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Explore Different Types Of Essays And Examples ~ WritePass

| November 11, 2017

Exploring The Different Types Of Essays And Examples ~ WritePass


Essay writing is going to help you create a stream of academic success. If you can do this, you will excel in nearly all major arenas of writing, and education. But that’s not just a matter of school. You’re going to find that you can explore different types of essays to ensure that you’re working through writing for industry and learning as well. If you can write an essay well, you can write just about anything, and may find yourself offering companies a lot more than other employees that they may be looking into hiring.

This is a great option that you’ll no doubt want to explore, especially if you want to ensure that you’re able to gain the upper hand in the job market today. The following will help you explore the major types of essays that you should know about. This will help you understand the bigger picture of what’s going on with writing in academia and beyond.

Narrative Style

The first option that you’re going to want to consider is that of narrative essays. This is a solution that lets you tell a story from the perspective of first person view points. It’s something that you are going to help create elements that will help you create lavish stories and more. You can sometimes see this in literature, where documentation in journals and more are written.

The book “Dracula” for instance, has this narrative style, and it looks like an essay in many chapters that collect to form the larger picture of the story. Narrative essays are usually personal, and can help put forward real-life experiences for others to read etc. You can create a conclusion at the end, or you can leave it open ended, depending on what the purpose of the essay assignment truly is.

Descriptive Style

The next thing that you will need to consider is simple, descriptive style. This is a solution that lets you be more descriptive in what you’re writing. You will be writing like you were creating a short story or a novel. You’ll use descriptions that are absolutely focused on deeper elements, and meaning that goes beyond just telling a story. This is a novelization and narrative style that is more descriptive than the first essay style.

It’s an interesting push forward that will give you details about the subject matter on a lot of deeper elements. It will no doubt help you gain the upper hand in whatever it is you’re trying to discuss with people, as it works with transitional elements from first person to second and even third person if need be.

Expository Style

The third type of essay that you may be asked to create is that of a factual essay option. This is an academic solution that is going to help you create definitive narration through media and statistics. This can be sometimes boring to write, but it’s an important aspect to consider. It’s something that helps you create outstanding avenues of comparative and contrasting elements. You will write how to, cause and effect, and much more. This is not a matter of personal elements. You will not use “I” or “me”, or anything personal elements.

This is structured in an academic form that uses facts, citations, data, and more. This is the same type of options that get published in serious publications, and even medical journals. This is meant for academia and not much else.

Persuasive Style

The fourth solution that you are going to want to learn about is that of persuasive essay styles. This is an option that is going to help you work towards convincing someone of what you’re discussing. This is a writer’s best friend because you can present an argument that will help you gain the upper hand. This is a solution that many teachers are going to ask you to work with. Writers have to create an initial topic and then give arguments for or against it. It’s an interesting solution that will no doubt give you focused work throughout.

The writer creates multiple sides of the argument through the presentation of facts, citations, status, points of view, and much more. There’s so much involved with this, that you may find that these could be quite long at times.

Academia Demands Different Styles

There’s a lot of students that don’t know how to pick the proper essay format for their education. Do not become one of those students. Instead, learn how to write different types of essays to help you with learning, and much more. You’ll find that you will be able to work through any type of essay style if you work with these essay types. The options listed above will help you gain the upper hand in major types of academic writing and more.

Academia will always ask you to write essays. However, the most common are the ones we have covered above. The four above are going to help you with a lot of different elements that could help you get the information that is going to help you get a good grade. If you can work with the different styles above, you will not be surprised by what you will be asked to construct.

What’s The Most Common Essay Type?

Here’s the thing, the majority of scholastic options are not going to be focused on just “one” type of essay. We have covered the most common options, however, there maybe others. So, what’s the most common essay types? Chances are you’re going to find that persuasive, and expository are the ones you will be asked to write most frequently. These are going to be the most common that you’ll have to turn into school past the college level. As you get closer to the masters and doctorate level, you’ll find that you’ll end up with a lot of writing.

Now, there are times when the first two types of essay writing will be asked to be put together. For instance, you’ll find that if you’re going to apply to a college, so you’ll be working with with narrative essays. Descriptive essays will be more for creative circles, however.

Either way, you should be familiar with these four major types of essays as you build towards academic glory.

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