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College Success Formula & 25% OFF Dissertation Writing – Only 10 DAYS Left

| November 21, 2017

College Success Formula & 25% OFF Dissertation Writing – 10 DAYS left

College Success Formula

Dissertation Writing – 25% OFF Details – Only 10 Days Left

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College Success Formula

A UNI student was struggling.  With FAILING GRADES and unable to meet his DEADLINES, he approached his adviser.

He explained his frustrations to him and got the following College Success Formula in return.

Basically, the adviser asked him to enter the following on his calculator:


The guy calculated. The answer was 0.03

Now, the adviser asked him to Calculate the following:


The guy calculated again. The answer was 37.78

Adviser told the student, this is the answer to your issues and the difference between being ordinary and EXTRA-ORDINARY, which is also proven MATHEMATICALLY  NOW.

This is the difference between when you put in 0.99% of your day’s effort vs. 1.01% of your days effort .  THAT little EXTRA work, the little extra DISSERTATION RESEARCH, READING and WRITING throughout the year will really add up.

That is the college success formula that would also enable to tackle life CHALLENGES ahead.

Just a little EXTRA EFFORT done consistently would yield LIFE CHANGING results.

CONSISTENCY is the KEY as short term bursts of efforts only produce SHORT TERM results.

At WritePass we have started to share small stories because we believe these stories are the most powerful communication tool to activate our brains.

We all grew up with stories of our family, stories of our friends and stories we read, and with tools of 21st century, still stories continue to be everywhere!  Even WritePass has it’s own story.

How can we help you even further?

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