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Strange Dreams- Which “donkey” are you wrestling with?

| October 17, 2017

Strange Dreams – Which “donkey” are you wrestling with?

Once upon a time, a guy started to have strange dreams, so he decided to go and visit a healer.

Strange Dreams

When he saw the healer he explained, “I am suffering from a strange disease”

He further elaborated.

“I am having dreams that I am having wrestling matches with the the donkeys”.

Healer thought for a few minutes and prepared a herbal mixture for him.

He told the guy, “Take this herbal mixture after your meals and your strange dreams will go away FOREVER.”

The guy was glad to hear that and asked, “Can I start taking this herbal mixture tomorrow onward?”

Healer was curious so he asked, “Why”?

The guy replied, “Because I am scheduled to wrestle in the final championship match tonight.”…….

Well, life is just like that.

We have simple solutions for most of our problems.

We keep resisting the solution because we get addicted to our problems.

So, what are you wrestling with?

– Weight Loss Issues?

– Too much caffeine?

– Social Media, Internet?

– Too many distractions?

– Some other self-destructive habits?

Which “donkey” are you wrestling with?

Solutions to most of them are simple.

Don’t get used to the problem and certainly, don’t wait for that “championship match”.

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