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Essay Writing and Meditation Master

| October 24, 2017

Meditation Master and Essay Writing

Once a student fed up with Writing Essays and Dissertation Writing decided to reach out to a great Meditation Master. Do you know what happened? Let me explain…

Essay Writing

You see, this student wanted to get to the ultimate truth, hence find inner peace.

So, he goes to the meditation Master and asked him, “Please help me learn how to meditate”

The Master thinks for a moment and said, “Go to a corner, sit down and close your eyes, but whatever you do, don’t think of of a monkey, that is very important”…

The guy thanked the Meditation Master and went to a corner.

He thought to himself, “Well, that’s easy enough, I can do that.”

As soon as he sat down to Meditate, he asked himself,

“hmm, so what was it the Master told me to do when I sat down for meditation? Oh yeah; whatever I do, don’t think of a monkey, so simple.”

As soon as he closed his eyes, all he could think about was monkeys, monkeys and more monkeys.”

He quickly came back and informed the Meditation Master that he couldn’t stop thinking about monkeys.

He even got upset that Meditation Master even mentioned Monkeys….

He would have probably been to get thru this exercise EASILY if he never knew about this monkey clause.

So, what do we learn from this simple story….

Well, our mind is so powerful and we can use it to control and distract so many things.

How many times we get locked into an idea?  We even get distracted by too many “Monkeys” of our own in our pursuit of completing Assignments, Essays, obtaining financial aid, Dissertation Writing, Finding a job and so on.

We overthink our distractions for example writing for academic purposes and focusing on unnecessary things which is a BIG reason why we fail.

So, continue to avoid distractions, relax and stay focused. Don’t worry about your “Monkeys” which would be in the form of missed deadlines, failure to complete your research, surfing internet aimlessly and so on.

You should focus on your goals and start working on what is really important right now….

Once you have done that, you can deal with any distractions that would come along the way.

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