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Dissertation Topics in Mass Media and Journalism

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Dissertation Topics in Mass Media and Journalism

“The types of questions investigated in mass media research are virtually unlimited” (Roger and Dominick 2006:5). Going by Roger’s statement, it is practically impossible to limit mass media research subject areas. Given that a research work can never be perfect, hence, the limitations of a research open the scope for further research work in the subject area.  Here we have collected a number of original dissertation topics in mass media and journalism. dissertation topics in mass media and journalism usually address several ongoing practices in the field of journalism.

However, it becomes difficult if the researcher focuses on a vast subject area for example the world cinema, which is a generalised topic and has no specific target. Hence, ideally it is suggested to narrow down the target and focus on a specific research question, which is a crucial part of research work. The biggest challenge in this field would be to get hold of participants and interviewees. Given media signifies a practical approach mainly rather than theoretical, hence, a media research depends a lot on whom we are interviewing which can range from a common man to a minister. The following ten categories are just some of the subjects that can be covered and not an exhaustive list.

1. Dissertation Topics in Mass Media and Journalism – Journalism/ News – Dissertation examples

1.1 Representation of women journalists in the media. How are women journalists treated across the world and their limitations?

1.2 Newspaper readers pay unnecessarily for ads in which they are not interested, but newspapers can’t do without advertisements. Is there an alternative?

1.3 Night life and how it affects the youth in developed countries-a journalistic research. Night clubs, pubs, strip clubs, discotheques and its impact upon the teenage section of countries likeUSAandUK? (You may refer to other countries as well).

1.4 Does the media industry follow Noam Chomsky’s Propaganda model? Refer to different countries and how they practise journalism.

1.5 Journalism and showbusiness: where does truth based and objective journalism stand today with the practice of infotainment based reporting worldwide?

1.6 Paparazzi, yellow journalism, and tabloidism- is this the future of journalism?

1.7  Political chaos in India. How would the current political turmoil in the UPA government affect its ties with neighbour countries?

1.8  A research of local media in Britain – choose a particular media and its representation of a particular community issue; what were the impacts for the local community?


2. Dissertation Topics in Mass Media and Journalism – Film/Cinema – Dissertation examples

2.1  Bollywood and its profit margins. How Bollywood has changed India’s cultural economy?

2.2Hollywoodor Bollywood- which is bigger? How does the industry turnover contribute to the world market?

2.3  Is French cinema a national or global cinema?

2.4  South-East Asian films and other emerging film markets on the global arena. Threat to Hollywood?

2.5  YashRaj films and its overseas business over the years. Examine how the major Indian production houses like the YashRaj films have a hold worldwide?

2.6  What makes USA and UK the major business hub of Indian cinema? An analysis of Indian global film market.

2.7  An examination of 3D technologies in cinema- its emergence and worldwide acceptance.

2.8  The music industry and its billion dollar profit. How does Pop, Rock, Classical, RnB, Bollywood music influence a nation’s economy?

2.9  How foreign collaborations and its competitive advantage proved beneficial for the film industry over the years? For example Slumdog Billionaire?

2.10 Indian cinema Vs Bollywood. Is Indian cinema not a part of Bollywood?


3.   Dissertation Topics in Mass Media and Journalism – International journalism – Dissertation examples

3.1  United Kingdom visa norms and its impact on the country’s economy. What can be the possible plans and strategies to cope with the massive monetary loss and tackle recession?

3.2  China has been the most efficient country in practising public diplomacy. Do you agree?

3.3  Globalisation and its impact upon the businesses of developing countries; specifically refer to India- a developing country facing economic slowdown but still a major player in the world market.

3.4  Stagnating economy of the United Kingdom. How can a developed country facing constant recession be safeguarded against the downfall of the nation?

3.5  Anti-Islam stance of the United States; even celebrities are not spared. The anti-Islam video has created fuss all over. How does this affect the image of Muslims in other countries?

3.6  How efficiently does the United Nations response to an emergency or crisis situation in any nation?  Examine how the UN practices propaganda, public diplomacy and psychological operations in controlling these situations.

3.7  Formation of media finally took shape during the Gulf War, the Somalia, Bosnia and Kosovo conflict? Do you agree?

3.8  Psychological operations and propaganda are crucial to Iraq and Afghanistan’s nation building process?

3.9   How does war reporting and the role of a journalist affect in forming or destroying the image of any nation?


4. Dissertation Topics in Mass Media and Journalism – Political and investigative reporting – Dissertation examples

4.1 Critically analyse the UPA government’s functioning ahead of the parliamentary election in India in 2014.

4.2 Sonia Gandhi’s Italian roots and its impact on the future of India?

4.3 Corruption is synonymous with politics. Do you agree?

4.3 Power of America-what has made the USA the ultimate ruler?

4.4 Can there be any solution to Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iraq’s negative image worldwide? (or any other country of your choice). Examine the role of mass media in fostering stereotypes and establishing images.

4.5 Politicians and political parties have lost their ideological drive. They are now driven by the goal of marketing/selling their ideas to the public.  Do you agree? Choose a particular country.

4.6 Call centres are creating numerous jobs and helping the unemployed section of the society. This would be impossible without the assistance of media and journalists. Do you agree? Support your answers with examples.

4.7 Creating adequate jobs and education system are still vague promises made by politicians in many countries. Probe into the realities of developing countries?


5. Dissertation Topics in Mass Media and Journalism – Business journalism – Dissertation examples

5.1 Go Green- How would you go about promoting an online store for green leafy products/clothing to appeal for green revolution?

5.2   Fashion portal- how does the world of fashion dominate business market today? An analysis of business market of major countries.

5.3 Develop a social networking site and formulate ways to compete with popular sites such Facebook and Twitter.

5.4 Emergence of social networking sites and e-commerce. Examine how it changed the concept of business over the years?

5.5 3G countries and their contributions to the world economy. Analysing each of the countries growth rate and where it would stand by 2050. What are the implications?

6. Dissertation Topics in Mass Media and Journalism – Developmental journalism – Dissertation examples

6.1 Dowry system and other dogmatic practices still prevalent in modern India. Examine media role in this issue and its implications upon development.

6.2 Primary education is still a distant dream for many countries. Research of the underdeveloped countries where the illiteracy rate is rising. Examine the role of media in tackling these issues.

6.3 Poverty, hunger, malnutrition still haunt the regions of Africa. What is the practical solution? How can mass media contribute to alleviation of poverty? Examine particular region/regions/countries in Africa.

6.4 Female Condoms-the latest discovery; discuss in-depth on how to go about promoting it. Discuss the risk factor of introducing it among the conservative societies.

6.5 Women molestation/rape is rampant now in India, are the officials listening? Examine the role of mass media in tackling the issue.

6.6 Is education/economic reform the way to transform a developing country? Examine the role of media in education promotion as a path to economic development.

7. Dissertation Topics in Mass Media and Journalism – Media discourses – Dissertation examples

7.1. An examination of the role of media discourses in facilitating ethnic conflict. A case study / systematic review of the Bosnia Conflict.

7.2. The role of media in foreign policy: can mass media discourses influence foreign policy and why? (The CNN effect).

8. Dissertation Topics in Mass Media and Journalism – Online media – Dissertation examples

8.1 Can the web media revolution make the print media extinct?

8.2 Examine the role of social media in the Arab uprising. Was it the facilitator of peace or conflict?


9. Dissertation Topics in Mass Media and Journalism – Animation – Dissertation examples

9.1 The film/advertising industry is incomplete with animation. Do you agree?

9.2 The world of cartoons and serious business. Analyse some of the cartoon giants and examine how they transformed a child’s play into billion dollar business.

9.3 The world of animation-both in theory and practise-you may also make a short animation film of your choice.


10. Dissertation Topics in Mass Media and Journalism Advertising /Public Relation/ Corporate communication/ Television production – Dissertation examples

10.1 Media and advertising: Can media exist without advertising?

10.2 Public Relation and journalism: Are public relation professionals more satisfied than journalists?

10.3 Even big production companies cannot do without the PR industry, put forward evidence to prove.


Journalism/mass media requires more of a practical approach and even if any topic is theoretical, it is better to conduct interviews, surveys or other practical tests to be on the safe side.

Harvard style of referencing applicable everywhere. Charts/ diagrams/ statistics add credit to the investigation. Some specific media sites like Media, Culture and Society and European Journal of Communication might be useful.

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