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The Importance of Good Writing Skills for Prospective University Students

| December 12, 2016

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In the age of technology, most students are absorbed in using electronic sources to either read or listen to academic information and usually attempt to memorize facts as far as possible. While electronic devices such as Android phones, iPads, Kindles, and other devices provide students with an amalgamation of information at their fingertips and students are very well informed regarding what is happening in the world and how various things work, they often lack the ability to form and express their opinions in their own words.

This skill is often seen non-existent amongst prospective university students, who possess a great degree of knowledge regarding numerous topics, but struggle when they are required to write their personal statements to when they are required to write their dissertations in their final years. It is important for prospective university students to recognize the importance of good writing skills in order to help them get through their university years. The issues of plagiarism, use of vocabulary, and proper structuring must be addressed adequately in order to help prospective university students achieve good grades. The following tips may help university students improve their writing skills:

  1. Adopting the habit of reading: Listening to music, playing sports, and hanging out with friends are common activities found in young adults nowadays. However, a study found that approximately 21% of university-aged students said that they enjoyed reading while the majority of students did not express this interest (CollegeXpress, 2013). However, this hobby is highly important for students in order to help them improve their structuring, their ability of expression, and their vocabulary skills.
  2. Writing a diary or a blog: While diaries may be slightly out-dated, students can create a blog on a topic of interest which will help them regularly post their thoughts, feelings, and opinions regarding various topics. This will help enhance their creativity, expressive abilities, and enable them to generally enhance their writing skills to capture the interest of readers.
  3. Becoming a freelance writer: While prospective university students search for various part-time jobs, it may be beneficial for them to look for jobs as freelance writers. Indulging in activities such as writing advertising and marketing messages, writing emails, and other small tasks to earn a small income may pay a long way in their future.
  4. Avoid using slang when chatting, writing emails, or in any other form of communication: Using slang impairs a person’s spelling and vocabulary skills and may often hinder a person’s ability to write properly structured sentences. Hence, avoiding the use of such language can help a student write more appropriately in the future.

Having good writing skills can help prospective students in their university years and can also pay a long way when looking for prospective careers. Most employers are looking for candidates with a good level of expression, excellent writing skills, and a high level of creativity.  Research has found that individuals with good writing skills score 80% higher than those who do not possess such skills in university and tend to find jobs 30% quicker than others (Aims Community College, 2013).


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