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Reflection Essay on Completing a Dissertation

| March 28, 2015

“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labour and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.”

It is based on Augustine’s thought that I have completed my dissertation from start to finish, through thick and thin, play and seriousness, relaxation and recreation. While completing the dissertation was indeed a serious challenge from one stage to another, I have remained focus and committed with vision and diligence. It is true such vision and commitment that I have enjoyed every aspect of it from start till completion. At first, when I chose my Dissertation topic, I exercised fear. It was the fear of getting it right, and of knowing where to obtain the needed resources but with the support of my colleagues and supervisors, I was directed to the right places and through the appropriate resources.

This was the basis of my conclusion and resolves that that everything would be fine. With the right supports in place, I ensured that I did my best and tapped into every possible resources available.

Through the guidance and supports provided by my supervisor and others around me, I was able to complete the Dissertation by first, visiting research databases to find useful articles and documents which I found and downloaded. After gaining access to several useful articles, I dedicated enough time to examining and reading each and every journal to get good grasp of marketing and foreign market access in contemporary business world. Having gained a broad understanding of the research problems and issues, I started the introduction which I later voided because the ideas and initial write up wasn’t strong enough. I later went back to spend time in the library to read more and journals which later added to my understanding and then gave me the final start on the Dissertation. In chapter one, I initially refined the research objectives and research questions which has been previously established in my research proposal.
To cut the story short, the most challenging part of the research was choosing the methodology. Which I later did with my knowledge of reading books such as Saunders et al, Yin, et al) and others on the methods, after gaining sufficient understanding of every aspects of methodology such as approaches, strategy, philosophy and data collection. I was compelled to choose the case study research. Having chosen the case study, the next challenge was how to analyse the data which I have collected. I drew from lessons learnt from my discussion with other students and a deep reading on how case study research can be analysed in a marketing research, I came across the macro and micro analysis strategies as well as other qualitative methods.

Collection of Data was another area of challenge to the completion of my research because of the time involved and the constraints in reaching the main staff’s of Dabbler. However, I first set out to Sujit the COO of Dablerr who I have known for some years. Sujit helped to facilitate the meeting with other potential respondents in the organisation. However, it was not an easy process. In some cases I was gladly welcomed by the interviewees to whom I had been introduced and in some instances, it was a repeated case of trying to hunt down the interviewee’s. Infact, at some point I gave up but had to push further disregarding the challenges I had to go through. While completing the interviews, I was also able to see and taken through their infrastructure and workings of Dabbler and how it works, so my experience was much more than theoretical but also practical. It was this experience, and knowledge that helped to completed the analytical phase of the research.

As much as I added immensely to my academic knowledge through the course of the research, I also learned valuable skills and lessons which would be useful in my professional careers now and in the future. One of the most interesting lessons learned through the dissertation particularly was the logic and depth of reasoning that is required to analyse a situation. In the course of the research, it became imperative that I provide a very clear and understandable analysis to the reader, therefore, I was able to deduce that bringing a good sense of reasoning and logic to analysis will help in analysing a problem and therefore solving it.

This skill will help in solving more problems in my future academic career and professional life. I also learned how to put up an argument forward in a simple, logical and coherent manner. This would also help in my future endeavours to put forward coherent arguments on issues in the course of seeking to solve them. Lastly, my horizons were broadened on the strategies, ethics, methodologies and manners of conducting research, therefore applying these lessons will help in future careers to quickly identify the right manners and techniques to use in proving solutions to any problems.

On methodology, the greatest lesson I learnt was that methodology and technique matters in taking appropriate steps in decision making and critically understanding any particular event. I am certain that the understanding of the importance of appropriate methodology in situations would inform my decisions in the future and would help me to proffer apt and suitable solutions to future professional problems.

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