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10 Things you’ll Only Learn from Going to University

| September 3, 2014

It’s no secret that university is a very special environment, in which you often move to a new city, meet new people, and make loads of new discoveries. By the time you graduate you’ll have gone through an education that has nothing to do with textbooks, lab coats or essays, and everything to do with coping with life and all its eccentricities.

Here are 10 of the things you should expect to come your way over the course of your university life:

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1. The art of shopping for a bargain

A large part of being a student involves learning how to get by with little-to-no money; as a result you will learn the valuable skill of shopping around and identifying a bargain when you see one. You will definitely come to learn that some supermarkets cost more than others!

2. You will learn key skills outside of your course

While there will be hours (or even days) of studying seemingly uninteresting text books and lectures, there’s so much more you will unknowingly take away from this experience – learning how to make a plan and stick to it, organise your time and how to concentrate when there are 101 distractions all around you!



3. You can function on virtually no sleep

When it is exam time and deadlines are looming you will likely become very familiar with the library and all-nighter sessions. While it’s not recommended you sacrifice sleep, learning to prioritise your work and revise efficiently is a key skill you will learn while at uni. Also coffee will become your best friend!


4. How to Cook!

Another key skill that you will learn is how to look after yourself – including washing your own clothes and how to cook! Managing your meals is a big part of the independence that you get from moving away from home – but be sure to make an effort to cook proper meals and not rely on noodles too much!

5. Working to deadlines is tough

Coming out of the rigorous structure of school and into the free-for-all of uni is a frightening experience. But learning how to be strict with your own work, and motivating yourself to get things done without somebody breathing down your neck are invaluable skills for later in life.


6. How to deal with a range of people

Course mates, house mates, librarians, managers, lecturers, landlords and neighbours (to name but a few) are all people you will meet along your way – most of them coming from different backgrounds with different personality types. Remember to be open minded and friendly and you will be amazed of the things you can learn from them.

7. Surprise yourself!

Going to university exposes you to a whole world of new experiences and opportunities. New sports, new people, new interests – you have a thousand possibilities to join a society or a team and to try something new. Whether its rock climbing or kayaking, if it sounds interesting to you, give it a try – you might surprise yourself.

8. Most excuses aren’t valid excuses

Handing in your dissertation after the deadline because you woke up late really won’t wash. Once you start taking responsibility for yourself, you’ll quickly learn how easy it is to stay on top of things.

9. University isn’t the world

For some people, university is the greatest time of their lives, and for others it just feels like a waste of time. At the end of the day you’re bound to get something out of it – be it a first class degree or a great bunch of friends but ultimately you’ll realise that there is life outside of university.


10. How to ask for help

There will be times when you need help – it’s only natural; and part of the university experience is to recognise when you need help. If you are struggling with your course or feel you are falling behind your classmates, then you can speak to your tutors or lecturers for help. WritePass’ Essay writing service is also here to help you to get the highest grades. On top of that – once you’re a WritePass customer – we offer 2000 words of proofreading FREE every month. Now that’s getting value for money!

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