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An Investigation into employee retention for budget hotels in Singapore

| June 13, 2014

An Investigation into employee retention for budget hotels in Singapore

Proposed Research Question& 3-4 Objectives:How to reduce the employees’ turnover in the budget hotels.

Research Objectives:

  1. To retain the experienced and skilful employees within the organization.
  2. To investigate the importance of employee retention management
  3. To identify the factors motivating the employees
  4. To reduce the cost of turnover

Rationale for Choosing this Topic and Question (600-700 words): This topic of employee retention is a very important one because in most organizations, it is what has a direct impact on the turnover, satisfaction of the customers, effectiveness and workplace safety. Examination of the ways of reducing the employees’ turnover in the budget hotels the management of the organization is particularly important because it determines the direction the company is taking in terms of production or output. In addition, will help the management in identifying the areas within the department of human resources that need to be strengthened or improved to ensure that the employees enjoy their work and stay within the company (Myers, 2009).The hotel industry usually experiences a very high level of employee turnover. This greatly affects productivity in a negative manner and costs a company resources and time. There are several factors that lead to the high ratio of employee turnover in the hotel industry. The major reasons are lack of proper employee motivation and ineffective recruitment. Most hotels find it difficult to do the identification and hiring of the best employees (Stephen, 2009). The hotel workers require skills that are soft and advanced that appear very difficult for those involved in the process of recruitment to determine during the process of interview. Those doing the recruitment can come up with strategies of hiring that provide them with the best opportunity to identify and hire the best employees. Having an understanding of what one is seeking in a candidate for any position in the organization during the process of hiring can assist the hotels is reducing the employee turnover.

Another reason for high rate of employee turnover is lack of proper employee motivation. The employees do not consider themselves as being dependent on the corporation any longer. Any kind of positive change in the life of an individual as an employee is very important in their careers. The burden is now on the organization’s management to make sure that the workers remain loyal to the companies and to feel satisfied enough such that they are not tempted to consider other options like going to other companies to look for job or new opportunities (Salaman, Storey & Billsberry, 2005). The best way that the management of any organization can ensure that they retain their employees is by ensuring their satisfaction. This helps in avoiding the implications and costs of employing new workers and ensuring that there is smooth running of the work unit.

It is not easy planning and developing employee motivation in the employees, though it is clichéd and over utilized. It is a byproduct of the environment of work, the balance of work-life, and more significantly, on the individual’s material benefit. The most appropriate use of the initiative of motivation development of a company is enhanced employees’ efficacy, effectiveness and productivity (Van der Voordt, 2008). Employees can only be able to work had in achieving their goals and those of the organizations due to proper motivation. It is normally perceived wrongly as being the scramble for power and money.

The most important thing is not only knowing how much an individual is motivated or encouraged to work, but also the way it is oriented. An individual does not only need to be motivated by power, money or even material aspirations. A worker could perform well because they enjoy or like doing it. This is what is known as intrinsic motivation. On the other hand, extrinsic motivation is the motivation of workers by a stick or carrot approach, which is rewarding and unrewarding done on the basis of performance. Employee motivation is a factor that has been understood the least. Slight increases in the employee remuneration might not always be the best approach to motivating them because the requirements or needs of every person from the job are not the same. The idea of the satisfaction of employees is their relevant or appropriate job related attitudes. Thus, the worker views and reacts to their surrounding through job satisfaction as well as the overall satisfaction with the company. However, many employers do not take this into consideration when doing the recruitment, which has left many questions and debate about the issue of employee turnover in the hotel industry, and this is what forms the basis of this research.


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Have you access to a company secured? (i.e. has a company (or companies) agreed to give you access to their company for research purposes?)
                                                       Yes [√ ]                 No[ ]
 Any other information which is relevant to proposal. (no more than 150 words)Methodology

The study will take a qualitative approach where questionnaires will be used as the method of data collection. The questionnaires will be administered personally by the investigator within the premises of the company’s several stores and the investigator will actively help the workers to fill the questionnaire with full assurance of confidentiality. All participants will remain unknown. Their names together with their identifications might not be necessary in the study, but the ranking of the employee within the organization will ne noted to help in the analysis. The names of the respondents will not be used at any point by the researcher. This means that the participants will be assured of their confidentiality and protection as the researcher is a person of high integrity and respects the rule of law.


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