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7 Top Tips for International Students

| June 14, 2014



If you’re an International Student, then you know that studying abroad isn’t one big holiday. It can be daunting to move away from your friends and family, and sometimes your language! It can be a culture shock moving to another place, but at the same time an amazing experience.


Here are 7 essential tips that might help some of you during the unique and exciting experience of being an international student:


1. Learn the language.

You’d think that going from one English speaking country to another meant no language barrier, right? Wrong! The more you can speak like a local the more you’ll blend in and the easier university work will be – even if it’s the same language. Additionally, many international students who do not speak English as a first language can really struggle when it comes to writing their essays in English. If you feel like you need help or support making sure your English is correct, then WritePass Proofreading Services can help.

2. Explore!

Not only is walking great exercise for mind and body but it is also one of the best ways to learn about your new environment. Stay safe and find a walking partner if you can. Walk from your campus to the city centre and back again. Take in every sight, sound and smell.


3. Ask visitors to bring a taste of home when they come to see you.

Make sure that when family & friends came to visit they bring all the foods and things that you’ve been missing – you might be surprised to find that the taste of a familiar food will help hugely if you feel homesick.



4. Being a foreigner will make you unique.

Your classmates will be interested in how you grew up, where you’ve been and even learning your language. Make the most of standing out by offering a unique perspective and fresh outlook.



5. Make friends with your classmates

Living in a new country can be lonely. Fortunately, international students have it easy when it comes to making friends as there are instant buddies to be made right there in the lecture room. Turn around, smile, introduce yourself and say where you’re from. That’s all it takes to build lifelong friendships.

6. Take a lot of photos.

Memories are great. But images capture a moment so it can be relived forever. Even better, add a soundtrack made up of local hits so you can smile every time THAT song comes on.



7. Be fearless.

You’ve not travelled all that way to hide in a corner! Make the most of every single second. You may have family and friends who can’t wait to hear about your adventures; give them something to really be proud of you about. It’s not always easy to be brave, however, so if you feel like you need some support then please contact WritePass – we are here to help!



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