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Make Your Free Time More Productive

| April 8, 2014

Students’ definitely have a reputation for wasting time – sleeping in until 1 in the afternoon or spending hours watching endless episodes of Friends. There seems to be the belief that when you’re studying for a degree, there’s a lot of time spent ‘not studying’. Certainly there is quite an abundance of free time when you are studying; however, not all of this time should be ‘wasted’ – in fact a lot of students use this time productively – and you can to!


1)            Make some Money!

Why not use your spare time to earn an income? Get a job serving in a restaurant, working in a shop, writing articles for websites, or why not start a business? We all know that university is an expensive experience, so you can counter that by using your free time to make some money.



2)            Spend time with your friends

Meeting people and making friends is an important part of university life, but it’s easy to forget that when you’ve got several books to read and essays to write. But having friends at uni gives you a chance to share ideas, exchange views, and have fun. While you’re at uni to study for your degree, it’s important to balance it with a healthy social life.

3)            Get out of your comfort zone

With all this free time on your hands, why not grab the opportunity to explore your own creativity and learn something outside of your degree? Join societies or sports teams, or practice a new skill or language. Try something that you’ve always wanted to try – you might not get the chance again!


4)            Take a break and stay healthy

The worst thing you can do as a student is to burn out. Things can get pretty hectic as a student – especially with all the hours spent in the library studying or in the bars socialising – and it can be easy to neglect your health. But it’s important to keep your body as well as your mind healthy – remember to exercise for 30 mins a day, whether it’s a walk or a run – you’ll keep your body and mind refreshed and energised.

 5)           Volunteer

If you have enough free time to give time to others in need, this can be a very fulfilling way to give back to your community or society. Activities like working in soup kitchens or at animal shelters will help you gain experience and help you grow within yourself.



This is a great opportunity to start thinking about your life after university – tidy up your CV, apply for internships or work experience, and start researching graduate schemes that you might want to apply for when you finish as a student.

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