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Leadership and motivational styles of Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs

| April 7, 2014

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When analysing an individual in terms of management and leadership, it becomes hard to differentiate the two aspects since a good manager must exhibit good leadership skills. Furthermore, good leadership encompasses autocratism, democratism and Laissez-fairism applied concurrently by an individual depending on the situation. Management styles on the other hand are mainly two, autocratic and permissive. They are key in determining the leadership style to be applied. For instance, it is very hard for democratic leadership style to be applied in permissive management style. Therefore, the leadership style selected by an effective manager in most cases depends on the situation

Jeff Bezos

An exemplary and visionary leader who not only enforces his vision among his employees but also makes them feel important to the organization by directly involving them in development of important decisions in the organization. His success is basically founded on his ability to complement effective leadership, as well as management styles. His leadership approach is based on sustained pressure that comes from a hybrid style developed by combining the three main leadership styles. His is also unrelenting even after being recognized among the world’s richest persons, he still runs his company as if it is new.

Steve Jobs

He is one of the greatest and yet controversial managers and leaders in the business world. He successfully managed to revive a dying company into one of the most profitable organizations globally through his leadership and management styles that defy most of the business believes in leadership approach in management. His toughness seems to be unsupportive to employee motivation, but in his case, it worked successfully through inspiring trust. His strength was founded in his strong passion for the organizational as well as employee success.


From the analysis, it is evident that both the two leaders shared similar strategies in management but Jobs was stricter as compared to Bezos. The most important aspect of the management styles applied by the two is their clear vision that was entrenched into the organization’s management and corporate strategies.

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