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7 Amazing Things You Can Buy With £50

| April 30, 2014


Let’s face it, £50 is a lot of money– but it can still be quite easy to spend £50 without really thinking about it. So let’s say you’ve just received your £50 referral fee for recommending a friend to WritePass – what now? Well there are a lot of awesome things you can get for £50 or less that will really make the most of your hard-earned cash!

1. Get fit and save money

There are plenty of places that sell good value second hand bicycles for as little as £50; and with the Summer on the horizon, getting on your bike can be a smart way to save money from bus and taxi fares and a great way to get some exercise into your daily routine. Places like Preownedcycles And gumtree are good places to have a look.

2. Bring Your Phone Back from the Dead!

We’ve all done it – dropped our phone into some water? But, now, all is not lost – with Reviveaphone you can bring your water-damaged phone back to life in just 24 hours. It removes the mineral deposits that short-circuit your phone and saves you money from having to buy an expensive new mobile!

3. Go Bargain Hunting

You will be amazed how far £50 will stretch if you are careful with what you purchase and where you look to find it. Websites like eBay and have loads of great stuff on for much lower prices – from instruments to furniture, it never hurt to take a look!

4. Be Safe

When laptops and computers break, they can be notorious for losing precious information. For £50 you can buy a decent flash drive or external hard drive that you can back up all your important files on and keep safe should you ever need them.


5. Entertain Yourself

With £50 you can get a few months’ Spotify or an 11 months Netflix subscription; currently its £5.99 a month with a free first month, so you can cash in on the subscription and catch-up on all the great TV shows and movies that you’ve missed out on. Also, it’s much cheaper than buying the DVD box set!

6. Save money on Travel

With your £50 you could buy an 18-25 railcard or one of the other types of railcards available. The 18-25 rail card costs £30 for a year but get you 30% discount off all national rail journeys, meaning that if you regularly travel you can save a lot of money!


7. Save it for a rainy day

As tempting as it might be to go out and spend the £50 on all of these cool things, it might be a good idea to actually put the money away for a time in the future when you really need it. It never hurts to have some emergency cash to hand – so you might be thanking yourself in the future for putting the £50 into a savers account today.

So there you have plenty of good ideas of how to put your £50 referral fee to good use; so why not recommend a friend to WritePass and start making the most of your £50 today!


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