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How to Survive Christmas

| December 4, 2013



It’s finally December! Which means Christmas is only a few weeks away – and as we all get excited in the build-up to the end of lectures and *of course* PRESENTS, we are brought down to earth by the ugly reminder that we have essays to write and exams to prepare for…luckily for you guys WritePass have a guide to how you can still enjoy Christmas and not lose out on your marks!

It might only be the first week of December but we’re already dusting off the crumbs from our third box of Mince Pies, and our text books are firmly hidden beneath a pile of wrapping paper and Christmas Cards (that we haven’t started writing yet).

But while we all love to relax around Christmas, seeing Friends and Family and having a great time eating too much delicious food, we can’t afford to get lazy with our revision and essay work. So what can you do? Well here are some tips for you:

1)      Plan Ahead

You know when the day of your exam is, or the deadline for your essay, so make a work plan now while you have time to think about it. Working to a plan can make you more efficient in your work , breaking down the various tasks and areas into smaller more manageable chunks is a great way to spread the load of study – meaning no last minute revision panics. Just 1 or 2 hours of work a day over the three weeks soon adds up to valuable revision time.

2)      Think about what you need

Don’t take the library for granted, because you will miss it when you’re working from home and realise you don’t have a key text book or argument to quote or reference. Relying on the internet is not a foolproof solution either as there are a lot of incorrect sources online, and adding another online resource to your bibliography undermines the research of your essay or disseratation. Examiners want to see that you’ve put thought and effort into your research, so make sure you book out all the books you will need well in advance – DON’T LEAVE IT TOO LATE THOUGH all you might come to find that the more switched-on students will have taken the last copies before you!












3)      When’s the best time to work?

Find out when you work at your best – is this first thing in the morning, or last thing at night? A lot of students prefer getting up and getting straight into their revision – this means they have plenty of energy and also that they can get a good portion of work done before they get distracted by parties or Disney films on TV! It also helps with those guilty feelings when you go out in the evening rather than stay in and study (it doesn’t help with those guilty feelings when you eat another pig-in-a-blanket though).


4)      Rest!

Bet you weren’t expecting to see that one on here? Well you need to remember that you’ve had a long first term back at uni – for a lot of you this would have been the first time away from home, and for others, another long term of lectures and parties. Resting is as important when it comes to revising, as a tired mind won’t take in what you’re reading, and you’ll end up wasting revision time going round in circles. If you are feeling too stressed or tired, take a break and leave it to tomorrow – plan it out carefully and you can afford yourself plenty of relaxation time around hard study.








5)      Don’t get caught out!

Stay a step ahead of the weather; pay attention to the weather and what is going on around the day of your exam or essay deadline. Don’t miss the deadline because you misjugdged the weather on the day of hand in and your train is cancelled; if you’re essay is ready and you can afford to get it in a bit early, do it while you can – you don’t want your awesome essay to miss out because you forgot to pay attention to what’s going on outside of your window!

Christmas is about enjoying being at home and with your friends and family, so don’t neglect those you love for the sake of a few extra marks –but don’t underestimate the work needed to write a top quality essay; but by following these tips you will stay one step ahead of the competition and more likely to write a brilliant essay or exam.

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