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7 Steps to Completing Your Dissertation Properly

| August 29, 2013

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Hey Intelligent Student,

You’ve spent the summer writing your dissertation, and you’re almost done right?

Wait a minute. There are a few things you should do before you submit that oh-so-wonderful-goddamn-document.

Like praying furiously, fasting, donating to charity and WritePass. But before you do any of those… do these first:

1. Get it Proofread and Critiqued

It could feel daunting to have to go through that 60 page damn document again after you have spent the past few weeks poring over it, labouring relentlessly and writing each word.

However, mistakes do happen, so it’d be really useful if you could get a mate or a professional to review what you’ve done, and offer critique. This could go a long way in identifying mistakes you may have missed.

Check out WritePass Proofreading & Editing Services…. and our Review & Critiquing Service.


2. Get supervisor feedback on each chapter.

Yup, they’re pretty annoying sometimes. But they could be helpful. It’s even more important since they’re the same “wonderful” people that could be marking your work as well.

So be nice to them… but not so nice as you don’t want to give them the wrong idea. Get feedback on each chapter you’ve done, if you can, and improve it based on their feedback.

Do exactly what they ask you to, even if it means writing about nuclear physics – good luck with that!


3. Ensure your discussion accomplishes each objective.

So at the beginning of your work, you wrote some nicely worded research hypotheses and objectives. That was the beginning so it all seemed achievable and felt incredible. Oh mighty thesis.

Now you’re worn out, tired, and just need to submit the damn thesis. But wait up. Check your work again. Have those objectives / hypothesis been properly analysed? If not, rework that damn thesis.


4. Make sure you answer that goddamn research question.

In addition to those objectives, you probably had a research aim or a set of research questions as well.

I have one piece of advice: make sure you answer it.

It could be in the final paragraph of your Analysis chapter. Just write out explicitly. “This is the answer to the question I have sent the past few weeks furiously trying to answer”. Viola!


5. Does your methodology make sense?

You know that Chapter 3, where you just wrote about the different methodology types, and perhaps wrote little about what you were really analysing.

Yup. That chapter matters. Make sure you’ve done everything you wrote that you were going to do. Ensure you’ve used the right collection and analysis methods… and please, ensure that chapter makes sense.


6. Format Properly

You’ve spent the past few weeks on that goddamn thesis. So format the damn thing. Make sure it’s presentable. It’s only going to take an hour or so of your time.

You remember that saying “how you dress is how you’re addressed”.

Well, how your dissertation is presented, is how it’s uhm… errr… represented.

You get it?

If you haven’t got time, then check out our Ultra Proofreading Service.


7.  Scan for plagiarism

Then scan that sh*t for plagiarism. Weed out any [obvious] similarities. You don’t want to answer questions on why you didn’t use Wikipedia smartly!

We have no link to help you out with that… sorry!


Good luck

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