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Why I Started WritePass

| July 1, 2013 | 2 Comments


I bet some of our clients and visitors do wonder who we are, and why we do what we do… especially since a number of parties clearly believe it is unethical and some may categorise it as cheating.

Well to put it simply, we are Write Enterprise Ltd, a registered company operating in UK. But that’s the boring stuff. To put it more accurately, Write Enterprise trades as WritePass and is made up of me (Ty), a few account managers, project managers and a number of very cool, intelligent and incredible writers, reviewers & researchers.

I studied MBA from a London university, and I swear, nobody in my class was from the UK. Everyone was an international student. I later found out that it’s the current trend in UK postgraduate studies, where the majority of students are from overseas. The lecturers operate like attendants in a McDonalds restaurant. They are just so much of you that they honestly do not care. They have hundreds of essays and assignments to mark each quarter and they are seriously stressed out. International students come in a dime a dozen, and as you are completing your degree, another batch of energetic young wannabes troop in, with their washed out jeans and Nike trainers, carrying newly bought laptops and thinking that in the next one year, they’d have learnt all there is to know, from a “Top UK University” and bath in academic supremacy, while eager recruiters from the UK and overseas punch each other just to recruit you. It’s all a mirage!!!

I was in those shoes, though I never wore washed out jeans and Nike trainers (I’d like to believe I have ‘style’). In the first week I was so excited about classes, only for me to attend a few classes… and it was utterly disappointing. The lecturers always had their presentation slides ready (they created them 4 years ago for eager students just like you), and would just work through the motions until their time is up, and you are done snoring in class. Some lecturers were however really good, and I’ve got nothing but love for them. However, this is directed at the majority of those who just don’t care.

I personally witnessed someone who was struggling with a 1 year MBA degree for 3 years. Failing each time and the university kept asking her to pay and pay. She kept coming up to anyone that would listen to her:

“Please can you explain how to do SWOT analysis”,

“How do you analyse Porters 5 Forces”.

I tried as much as I could to assist her, but I always felt like:

“Why on earth did the university allow this woman to enrol for a degree in the first place. Isn’t this meant to be an MBA degree?”

The truth is they never really cared. She was there for 3 years before I enrolled, and I believe for about a year after I graduated. Still rolling her small suitcase into the library and having small group sessions with anyone that’d have her. The look on all her tutors’ faces always confirmed my fears, this woman was never meant to have enrolled in the first place. The university was just after her money.

My big issue with my uni came up during dissertation talks. We were told that we’d have to source our own companies and research titles with little or no assistance.

Supervisor: “You can either go back home to do it, or look for a company here in the UK to do it for you”

Student: “But how can I do that, I am new here to the UK, I do not know anyone”

Supervisor: “Then you’d have to go back home then.”

Student: “Can’t the university provide me with a dissertation topic and a company to do my dissertation on?”

Supervisor: “I am sorry we cannot assist you with that, take it up with the university”.

…and that was that. Another confused student told to write his magical MBA dissertation on a problem he doesn’t know, in a company he has never heard of, and to find results, he has never been taught.

I did mine, mostly because I was working in retail and the Area Manager saw me as a young “intelligent student” who could do research on them for free. However, not everyone is lucky, and even if you are, I bet your supervisor has seen 1,000,000 dissertations written on “Motivation and Rewards in a Retail Store Environment: A case of Tesco Stores” – that’s what everyone that works in retail wants to write.


Once I graduated, I came across the opportunity to start WritePass by chance – several times.

  • A friend got his girlfriend pregnant and had “depression issues” – that’s what he told me.
  • Another one of my colleagues also just got an internship and did not have the time to get the research and analysis done.
  • Several individuals I knew had depressing feedback from their supervisors.
  • Another one did not understand how to conduct financial analysis.
  • One other just did not know how to write.
  • Another did not understand English properly. Could not even speak English, talk less of write. And the list goes on…

Even though some people have ridiculous reasons for using essay writing services, we started WritePass because we truly believed we could help people. If people can’t pass on their own, then they need help! Why pay £12,000 for a degree and fail? Especially when there is the option for assistance, wherein you are guaranteed a pass.

We could claim that if they could not do it themselves, then they should not have enrolled in the first place, and that’s a valid argument. But that’s thinking backwards. Think to the present. You have paid all that money to enrol and get a degree. Now you have essays and dissertations to write, and for some reason, you do not believe you can do it on your own. Would you rather be 100% ethical and FAIL or do what you have to do and pass?

That’s why we do what we do. We help people and NO, we do not feel bad about it, because we really understand the value of our services, and our clients do. We help people Pass! Fact!



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  1. Ifeleyi says:

    Thx TY, Julian and Sal,

    Kindly tell Julian it’s Cagey!

    God bless you guys real good. The institutions here r only interested in the money they can get!!!

  2. Ty says:

    Thank you Ifeleyi for your comments. Really appreciated

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