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How Summer can affect your Dissertation Writing

| June 7, 2013

summer dissertation writing

Good news! Summer is here and for most students, this means beers, BBQ’s and Summer holidays!

However, for some Students this is only the beginning; instead of celebrating the end of exams and essays, these poor souls will be at the start of a long 3-month journey of writing their dissertation.

Dissertations can be daunting tasks at the best of times, especially given the scope of the research that has to go into them; but writing them over the summer is even worst – considering all the distractions of the summer that make it so difficult to work!

1.     Summer Holidays

summer dissertation writing 2

Everyone loves a good summer holiday. And undoubtedly your friends and family will all be packing their bags and their sun-cream to head off to the seaside! It can be a very big distraction when you see the photos of the beach and cocktails appear on Facebook!

2.     Go Camping

With the longer days and warmer climates, you will have to try and resist the temptation of camping. Roaming through fields and cooking on open fires can seem pretty tempting when you are trapped inside your bedroom writing a dissertation!

3.     Get your Friends and have a BBQ

It’s not summer unless you’ve had a BBQ or two! Sharing a beer and a sausage is one of the greatest Summer treats – and no doubt you will be invited to a few over the summer; just remember not to go to too many – you’ve still got a dissertation to write.

4.     Festivals

summer dissertation writing 3

Glastonbury, Beach break, V Festival, the list goes on – summer is great time to grab your sunglasses, straw hat and willies and go to a festival, and with festivals seeming to get bigger each year, it can be very hard to turn down seeing Bastille for studying!

5.     Sport

Whether it’s playing or watching, there’s always plenty of sport on over the summer to distract you from working. Football transfers, Cricket, The British & Irish Tour to Australia, sport pre-season friendlies  – you might have to hide your football boots in your drawers until you finish writing that dissertation!

6.     Travelling

The summer can be a great time to get some serious travelling in. With 3 months away from lectures and studying you can spend a lot of time seeing the sights and experiencing the different cultures of Europe or Thailand or even Australia. But it might be hard writing a dissertation when you’re riding an Elephant…

7.     Summer jobs

The summer can be a great time to earn some extra cash; which can seem particularly appealing after living as a cash-strapped student for 9 months! There are loads of summer jobs you can have, working in shops, restaurants or bars, but remember not to neglect your dissertation.

8.     Relaxing

Of course the summer is a great time to chill out, see friends, and forget about the stress of exams and essays We’re only human after all – and working solidly is not healthy for anybody. Tie work to reward and give yourself a mid-summer reward!

9.     Writing a dissertation.

Don’t forget that you have a dissertation to write! It can be difficult to stay focused on doing your research and writing when they are so many distractions around.
summer dissertation writing 4
Writing a dissertation is hard, and you shouldn’t be afraid to seek help with making sure your work is completed to the highest standards. Friends and family will be more than happy to proofread your work or help to check for mistakes.

And don’t forget, if you are writing a dissertation this summer then WritePass dissertation services can help you to plan, research and write case studies, literature reviews, and even proofread the final dissertation to ensure your referencing fits the bill.

Summer can be a difficult time to study with so many distractions, but you can work hard and have fun at the same time – and when you are finished with a top mark will really have something impressive to show for your Summer!

And don’t forget! You can head over to WritePass right now and find out more about the dissertation and essay services we have to offer. Please remember though to place your orders now as to avoid any last-minute deadline rush.

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