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Exploring different job opportunities for a US Art Graduate

| January 28, 2013

In accordance with a recent survey, almost 92 percent of graduates last year got employed within just three months after their graduation. The US economy may fluctuate, but there are some jobs in America that are decently remunerated. According to CNBC, several career opportunities yielded more than $100,000 yearly in 2009. Even though thorough training is essential for medical line of work, a 3-year law degree or master’s degree may be all that is needed to have a six figure income in the other sectors. These reliable and steady high-paying occupations tend to base upon science and technical expertise sets.

Contrary to general conviction, those who pass out with art degrees are also entitled to step into a range of different job sectors. The saga of the deceased artist is now just a cliché, as the society changes its outlook towards arts as a way to social development and awareness – something beyond entertainment. Even people who intend to enter the art field as studio artists hold the chance to make it big, since art is increasingly perceived as a luxury investment in the international market.

Fine Artist

As a fine artist, you can work in diverse media, employing various fine art practices, for example sketching, painting and designing. Fine art graduates are generally self-employed and tender their work for trade – directly from their studio or by exhibiting their piece of work in art gallery. Besides, they may also take on commissioned projects from consumers. For most artists, this is a hard way to pursue and only the most flourishing ones can keep going with money just from their work. A lot of artists support this livelihood with other kinds of work as well.

Graphic Designer

Quite similar to illustrators, the demand for graphic designers is on the rise and they have good job prospects. The job of a graphic designer is to analyze, plan and make layouts for tabloids, magazines or other forms of print media. They even plan out displays, casing and marketing products, and make signs or logos for companies. There are also different job opportunities on multimedia, websites or video game layout.

Museum Curator

The ones responsible for organizing and preserving important articles and art displays, and for collecting, studying and exhibiting these works for the spectators, are known as curators. They may even plan educational courses and other outpaced activities. Normally, curators hold a graduate degree.


These days, there are several job opportunities for illustrators. They craft illustrations for a range of commercial products as well as journals. They not only make illustrations for traditional media like periodicals and books, but also illustrate fabrics, greeting cards, gift wrapping papers and calendars. There’s a growing trend among illustrators to build digital images for websites and video games. If an illustrator has some fundamental knowledge in the science field, he/she can function as a scientific or medical illustrator for medicinal publications.

Job prospects for art graduates are ample, but you need to choose the one that’s suitable for you. For this, you need to analyze your expertise level and different JOBS prospects in the market. Only then can you can pick the perfect job option for you.

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