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Protecting innovation methods

| December 3, 2012


Protecting Innovation Methods

Wholly Proprietary Systems are those focused on technology that is company owned and protected through patents, copyrights, secrecy or other mechanisms. The following methods that Everything Everywhere are currently applying to protect its innovation are:

  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Trade secret


Copyrights are becoming one of the most essential methods to protect innovation due to the advances of new technology, the reasoning behind this is because of the economy rising rapidly relying on the storage, conveying and managing the information.

However the restrictions imposed on the efficiency of the copyright make it more difficult to maintain the regulation. For instance copyright laws have been unsuccessful in keeping up with progress of technology of the Internet as nowadays the materials can be easily plagiarized without gaining permission from the owner.

T-mobile and Orange protects its websites and its contents through copyright and database rights this gives exclusive rights that the data that is presented on the website are protected and licensed to Everything Everywhere Limited. The copyrights at Everything Everywhere, allows protecting the company from illegal replication of their work. For example, Everything Everywhere website provides all necessary information and required details for their customers about the products or services such as browsing the site, downloading and printing materials in order to use for personal and non-commercial needs. However, devoid of prior written agreement or authorization from Everything Everywhere Limited would not permit illegal users to replica, store, allocate, broadcast, or modify the content of their website for any principle. As Everything Everywhere has effectively secured through copyright since it usually limited for outside users.  Although the continuation of copyright at Everything Everywhere might not be adequate to maintain stopping illegal users from exploiting their material.


A trademark is a symbol or indicator which is used to identify the origin of a product or company, distinguishing it from other source of products, services, or companies. These are one the three essential forms of intellectual possession rights along with patent and copyrights. However, trademarks differ from other type of intellectual property rights this includes patents in assisting to protect the underlying invention and copyrights that protects the expression of an idea.

Everything Everywhere is the symbol and phrase of their trademark, this clearly relates to the company’s network for example their customers will have good access to mobile networks everywhere in the world. Through using an effective trademark identity it allows Everything Everywhere to ensure that they strongly secure and protect their innovative products and services. Since their customers will be very familiar and well able to recognise the services and products offered by Everything Everywhere.

Moreover, they are also aware that the company’s trademark doesn’t develop to be generic. If the company’s trademarks develop to become common this will allow others to make use of their materials with no panic of trademark contravention from Everything Everywhere limited.  However, Everything Everywhere Limited ensures that they concerned of protecting their innovation.

Trade Secret

Everything Everywhere has been skilled as a trade secret under the Uniform Trade Secret Act through following the three main criteria required for trade secret information as mentioned below:

  • The material or details is required to not be in all-purpose familiar or freely ascertainable during genuine.
  • The information should include economic significance which depends on their information which is confidential.
  • To protect the secrecy of information reasonable measures should be taken by Everything Everywhere who are the trade secret holder

Everything Everywhere benefits by using trade secret , since this protection can be applied for long period as far as the company’s information are kept and maintained secretly. Furthermore the cost of maintaining the trade secret are low.

Although trade secret protection requires to be controlled and employed frequently in order make sure that the confidentiality of the company are secret.


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