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Dissertation Topics on Telecoms and Maritime Security

| November 11, 2012

1.     How has the WTO objective of open market access in developing countries led to a boom in the telecoms sector globally?

  • This works equally well as a case study of a particular country – specifically the gulf countries as these countries have seen rapid growth in FDI in the telecoms sector.

2.     Would it be fair to say that the telecoms sector is a major player in the economic growth of developing countries?

3.     Consider the use of telecommunications as a means of oppression with organizations using phones and broadband as a way of tracking the movements and interests of persons. After the New of the World scandal surfaced, there was a public outcry against this kind of monitoring. Arguably, there is a case to be made that these kinds of monitoring are contrary to privacy rights of persons and organizations, yet this kind of monitoring software/technology is still being made readily available. To what extent is there a social responsibility on these companies to responsibly produce and distribute these products – should there be greater regulation of the telecoms sector to prevent abuse of privacy in this way?

4.     Contemporary issues in maritime security: An overwhelming issue with maritime security is the isolation of the field due to primary happenings on the high seas. How was technology evolved to mitigate this isolation whilst abroad?

5.     Is it possible to use maritime security strategies to resolve the situation of piracy off the Somalia coast? Are issues of piracy and ransom of marine vessels capable of being prevented through strategy or is this merely a case of avoiding certain trade routes?

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