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Dissertation Examples – IT dissertation topics information technology

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Dissertation Examples – IT dissertation topics information technology


1. Introduction to Information Technology Dissertations

A degree in Information and Communications Technology is designed to fulfill the requirements of people working as different professionals such as academicians, administrators and managers, technical staff, trainers, and developers in private or public sectors. A course in information and communications technology combines the educational theory and practice to create a learning experience that enables the development of skills that can be applied to complicated real-world problems. Information and communications technology degree is aimed to enhance the knowledge of how computer systems, software and applications, and other forms of communication technologies can be utilized to drive economic growth, enhance learning abilities, foster greater communication and socialization, and overall improve the standard of living.

The focus of a dissertation in information and communication technology subject is aimed at achieving one of the aforementioned goals. Here are a list of information and communication technology categories within which you can base your research.


2.     Categories and List of Dissertation Titles

One of the most prolific impact of internet based information and communication technologies in the enablement of economic and commercial activities over the internet. E-commerce and E-business remains one of the most researched topics within this subject.


2.1            E-Commerce / E-Business

2.1.1          Advertisements Over Cell Phone Networks – Is it a Successful Strategy; A Survey of British Youth’s Attitude towards Receiving Advertisements over Cell Phones

2.1.2          Exploring the Difference between E-Business Model and E-Business Strategy through Extended Examples

2.1.3          Is it Viable to Completely Curb Software Piracy in the Underdeveloped Nations; Challenges and Possible Solutions?

2.1.4          Determining Factors that Affect Users’ Level of Trust and Sense of Security in E-Commerce Applications

2.1.5          E-Tourism Intermediaries in UK; Factors that Affect Customers’ Level of Satisfaction

2.1.6          Conduction Virtual Business in 3D Internet; The Future Outlook of Business over Virtual Worlds

Influenced by the widespread popularity and advantages of e-commerce for modern day business organizations, governments across the globe are also trying to reap the power of information and communication technologies to reach their customers and provide effective services.


2.2            E-Government

2.2.1          Structural transformation towards e-government in the South West of China: Moving beyond the Four Stage Model

2.2.2          Assessing E-Government System in Pakistan (or any other Underdeveloped Country); A Content Analysis of Various Government Websites

2.2.3          M-Government; Benefits and Outcomes of Mobile Government for Connected Societies

Multi Agent Based Systems enable a higher level of collaboration among various agents working together to achieve a common goal. Coinciding with the developments within the area of artificial intelligence, multi-agent based systems are moving towards higher level of adaptability. Stimulations programs are similarly an important stream of intelligent computer programs that are aimed to work upon highly complex scenario.


2.3            Multi Agent Based System

2.3.1          An Overview of Design Patterns Utilized for Developing Multi Agent Systems (MAS)

2.3.2          Analyzing the Dynamics and Design Patters for Developing Adaptive Multi-Agent-System (MAS); A Step towards Mass Customization through Intelligent Manufacturing Information Systems

2.3.3          Creating a Multi-Mobile-Agent Architecture for Developing a Collaborative System Which Elapses across Product’s Lifecycle

2.4            Artificial Intelligence

2.4.1          Search Engine Optimization for Dynamic Websites; An Evaluation of Existing Knowledge of SEO for Dynamic Websites

2.4.2          Application of Multi-Agent Systems Along with Multiple Artificial Potential Fields in Car Games

2.4.3          Creating an Appraisal Module for Virtual Agents in Order to Produce Believable Emotions

2.4.4          Designing and Implementing a Membership Card Generation System for Hypermarkets by Utilizing Clustering, Optimization and Anomaly Detection Techniques

2.5            Simulation Modeling to help Decision Makers

2.5.1          An Overview of Various Business Stimulation Tools; Evaluation their Impact upon Student Learning in Tertiary Business School

Information and communication technologies have greatly enhanced efficiencies in business processes making organizational functions more effective. Likewise, the multimedia advancements have provided more robust information sharing, socialization and entertainment platforms. Business process designs and multimedia information systems are key research areas in information and communication technologies.

2.6            Business Process Design

2.6.1          Evaluating Project Management Methodologies for Information Technology Development in Pakistan; A Case Study of National Database Registration Authority (NADRA)

2.6.2          Exploring Fitting Enabling Technologies to Boost E-Commerce Success of Apparel and Footwear Industry in UK

2.6.3          Assessing the Impact of Information Technologies in Implementing Management Control Systems in Technology Start Ups and SMEs in UK

2.6.4          The Use of ERP in Practice; an Investigation of End Users Approval of ERP System in Large Organization in (any Undeveloped/Developed Country)

2.7            Multimedia Information Systems

2.7.1          An Investigation into the Negative Effects of Social Media and the Challenges it creates in Crisis Management

2.7.2          Examine How the Communication Technology Revolution Influences People, Process and Strategy

2.7.3          Does the Media Technology Has an Impact upon Child Development; A Study of Primary School Goers in UK

2.7.4          The Impact of Media Technologies on the Physical Development of Teenagers; A Comparative Analysis

2.7.5          Encouraging the Use of E-Commerce in Saudi Arabia in The light if Existing Challenges

The growing power of internet, software as a service (SAAS) is a blooming trend which opens many new research opportunities.

2.8            SAAS

2.8.1          Integrating ERP System with Cloud Services; Implementing ERP Integration over SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS

2.8.2          An Overview of the SAP Implementation Processes and the Types of SAP Failures

2.8.3          Determining the Causes of Sap Implementation Failures in Small Industrial Firms in UK

2.8.4          Usability Analysis and Evaluation of Microsoft Dynamics Online; Developing a Framework for CRM Solutions’ Evaluation

2.8.5          Implications of Cloud Computing For Multi Media Industry

With the advancement in information and communication technologies, security remains one of the biggest concerns and similarly an important research area.

2.9            Security

2.9.1          Utilizing Keystroke Analysis as an Additional Security Measure to Password Security in Web Applications

2.9.2          An Investigation of Emerging Risks Associated with Online Banking

2.9.3          Investigating Factors That Determine Customers Use of Online Banking Tools; A Qualitative Analysis of Customers in China

2.9.4          A Survey of Security Strategies for Non-Internet Enabled Software and Applications

2.9.5          Investigating Security Threats over Android Mobile Environment

2.10       General

2.10.1      An Overview of Key Enabling Technologies Required for Creating Information Agent Technology for the Internet

2.10.2      An Information Retrieval System for Scientists; Creating an Information Agent Technology

2.10.3      An Information Retrieval System for Students; Creating an Information Agent Technology

2.10.4      Ethical Challenges Associated with Testing Software and Applications through Live Customer Data; Recommending Steps to Overcome These Concerns


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