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Dissertation topics ideas on International Development

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Dissertation topics ideas on International Development

The following article could be used as inspiration for dissertation ideas in international development or in developing countries. The dissertation ideas here cover post-colonial Africa, the resource curse, HIV / AIDs, and investment in developing countries.


1.     An exploration of the decline of service delivery in post-colonial Africa

–          This topic will explore the overall decline in service delivery in post-colonial African states.

–          A current example is the economic/political situation in South Africa where the economy is being crippled by service delivery strikes.

–          This can focus on the decline in the public sector post-colonialism, as well as the challenge of meeting economic growth demands in a global economy that is struggling.


2.     Avoiding the resource curse – A case study of Uganda

–          The resource curse is basically a hypothesis that says the abundance of natural resources in a developing country and the extraction thereof has a strong link with leading to violence and economic decline.

–          Oil was discovered in Uganda in 2006 and therefore there has been a renewed surge in the Ugandan economy.

–          This topic will look at the prospect of Uganda avoiding this resource curse based on evidence from other developing nations such as Nigeria.


3.     The effect of HIV/AIDS on the Economy of Africa

–          Whilst HIV/AIDS is an ignored issue in contemporary Western culture, it is a fatal reality for African nations. This is so because not only does it present a social issue, but a far greater economic issue for these countries.

–          This is so because there is a greater responsibility on governments to provide economic support to their citizens as a result of the virus e.g. care for orphaned children, access to ARV, water and sanitation, provision for an ill labour force, better public healthcare, education on infection and health, etc.

–          This has a twofold economic effect, on one hand requiring greater spending and on the other is the economic effect of having a workforce that requires greater access to medical facilities.

–          This topic therefore will explore these issues with recommendations as to how to mitigate these effects.


4.     Investment in developing countries – the potential for abuse of power and dereliction of duty

–          The use of foreign multinational enterprises in developing countries as a way of creating infrastructure through the exploitation of natural resources is one that is common place where these countries often see these companies undertaking social responsibilities such as building schools, medical facilities and creating jobs, etc that are traditionally the role of the state.

–          If one considers a country such as Nigeria, where there is a large reliance on these companies (particularly oil) to provide the majority of the national exports and social responsibility mechanisms.

–          This topic will explore the relationship between these companies and the governments of these states in terms of abuse of power by the MNEs (in terms of having inappropriate political influence as a result of the reliance on their company by the state) and the dereliction of duty by the state (by relying on the MNEs to provide infrastructure and social relief as an alternative to government action).

One must also consider the role of the WTO, the UNGC and ILO in this relationship, as these organizations are advocating open markets and certain global economic standards – are they enforcing this relationship or attempting to bring a higher measure of government autonomy?

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