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Dissertation Examples on Information Technology and Security

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The following article is on several ideas you could use if you’re thinking of writing a dissertation on information technology, particularly relating to security. You could use this as the basis of your question, or in framing your topic. Good luck.


Infrastructure Centric Security: When securing information these days, most organisations focus on securing only the infrastructure holding the data to be secured. They put them behind firewalls and encrypted filestores. once the infrastructure has been bypassed however e.g the by a firewall breach or something as simple as an authorised user copying the data off the secured location, the information is there for anyone to view. Using information centric security controls such as DRM, DLP etc helps secure the information itself regardless of a network or user breach.

Reliance on Security Professionals: in most organisations there is a heavy reliance on practioner intuition, experience, industry lore and best practises.thought this may add value to the organisation, they do not help management make consistent informed decisions about security. Therefore organisations spend too little or too much time and money in an attempt to mitigate information security risks. Frameworks such as the Fair risk management framework aim to provide a platform for understanding, analysing and measuring security risks. They propose to analyse these risks in a manner that is easily understood to employees at every level.

Social Engineering: The greatest risk to information security controls has and will always be the end user.

Unreported Security Events:  Most insider security incidents go unreported due to unwanted publicity or fear of legal repercussions. With 86% Insider IT Sabotage committed by technical staff.  While sometimes the incidents go unnoticed due to lax or non-existent Security Incident and Event Monitoring systems in place.

Unsecure Information Disposal Methods: Most organisation dispose of their IT hardware without properly wiping possible sensitive information on these machines. Thus sensitive information leaves the organisation along with the unwanted hardware. Most organisations do not have a detailed disposition plan for unwanted IT hardware Assets . This also applies to documents that have not been securely destroyed. Many people do not realise that shredding a document alone is not enough to keep the information from prying eyes.

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