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Role of Technology in making Classrooms Modernized and Advanced

| June 1, 2012 | 2 Comments

Chalks, blackboards and textbooks are quickly fading away from the scene of education. Majority of schools today have started to download home assignments taking help of iTunes i.e, the students use podcasts to listen to their lessons and take help of social-networking sites for communicating with each other. In fact, there are plenty of colleges and universities that preserve facilities like video conferencing and chat-discussion boards to make contact with big industrialists and eminent academicians.

Technology brings forth advanced learning styles

The massive development in science and technology has compelled numerous schools and colleges to wipe off blackboards and all such traditional learning equipments from their respective classrooms. Students are now being fetched smart gadgets that can help them generate interest and passion while learning class lessons. One can never express unwillingness against education if he/she is provided interesting learning techniques and gadgets to prepare and develop themselves for achieving a better future. In this respect, technology has emerged to be a winner shunning all conventions.

Technology transforms education into entertainment

In Australia, most of the classrooms, especially in the primary schools adopt the latest technological equipments to make the kids grasp advanced learning skills and techniques faster. As a matter of fact, the teachers emphasize teaching those skills required to cope up with the digital age. In reality, school students are now advised to focus more on technology than books.

Nowadays, kids from 9 to 12 years are taught with the help of interactive whiteboards and virtual classrooms mostly. The reason being that, researchers have found that their responses have been much stronger in pursuing lessons through digital medium than doing the same sitting at classrooms for long hours. Education earlier has not been so interesting, which now is rather turning into an entertainment. Several learning institutions have now realized that the gadgets which students use outside schools for interaction and entertainment can always be introduced in classrooms.

Why computers are important for kindergartens?

It’s indeed impossible for the kids in kindergarten to access their lessons with the help of iPad. These smart gadgets are extremely sensitive and must be operated with care and style. Rather, they must be initially taught how to use the worldwide web through an interlinked classroom program. Now-a-days, interactive whiteboards have the ability to connect to the internet instantly so that both teachers and students can get extra information then and there.

Social networking – the platform to grow

One such technology that has completely modernized the current educational arena is social networking. The majority of school authorities today are using the concept of social networking in classrooms so that students can sharpen their communication skills and get rid of monotonousness. Teachers traditionally used to stop students from talking to each other in a classroom. Today, teachers insist on constant interaction between one another so that one can get rid of his reticence and grow confident with time. In fact, a social-networking site serves as the ideal platform for one to show his creativity. There is also an option to strenthen one’s learning abilities and language skills by writing blogs, sharing information and uploading videos.

Virtual classrooms are very flexible

One of the biggest benefits of distance learning is the concept of virtual classroom. The students here don’t have to follow a time table to attend specific classes physically. They can rather contact their instructors and classmates at any time they wish. Through emails, blogs, message boards and web conferencing, a student can communicate with his teacher and vice versa. So, do you still think that there is a necessity of a blackboard and a box of chalks in a classroom when better options are available? Rather, is it not wise to introduce a few enriched technological equipments that can excite and inspire students to attend classes on a daily basis from anywhere? Well, technology will always remain a high scorer for classrooms and will keep updating and attracting career aspirants with time.

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The author Leona Sharon here focuses on the fact that technology should be introduced in every single classroom instead of books and blackboards. In comparison to classroom learning, there are numerous benefits of distance learning that can be pursued with ease and convenience.

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