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How to Approach a Company for your Primary Study

| June 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

Before you actually approach a company in which you would like to do your primary study there are four important questions to ask yourself.

1. Will this company be appropriate for the research I want to conduct?

First of all you need to do some research into the company and its departments, with particular reference to the one in which you want to focus your study on. You need to know how well (or badly) it is currently performing and have ideas of how you could help to improve their performance after you have done your research.

2. Would I actually want to work there after my dissertation?

Many post-graduates have an eye on their future career when they choose a company in which to do their research, and this is all to the good. After all, if you have demonstrated that you can help to improve the company after pinpointing some failures or potential growth areas, then you will have shown that you are a useful person to employ. However you may not actually wish to work in that company after having done your research as it may not be the kind of company you had thought, for example the ethos may not be to your liking, which you could only have discovered through your research.

3. Why do I want to use this company for my research?

Before you approach a company you have to be very clear in your own mind what the aims of your dissertation are and how research carried out in this company will enable you to complete your dissertation. You will need to have this well thought out before approaching the company. For example: Does it have enough employees for you research hypothesis? Is it profitable or failing and how will this fit in with the research study? In what ways is it an ideal company to carry out research in?

4. How can I ‘sell’ my research to this company?

First of all you should follow the dress code of the company when you go for your appointment with the manager or director. If the senior management wear suits and ties, then so should you if you are male. As a female you should wear a sober suit, whether trousers or skirt and ensure that it is discreet. You should not dress to flaunt your gender.

You should have prepared documents which you can leave with the person you have the interview with, so that they can be perused at his/her leisure and can be used to sell the idea of your research to other members of staff.

You will need to be persuasive and emphasize what good will come from the research for the company. Everyone is going to be looking at what is in it for them, and the bottom-line.

Be confident and portray yourself as the expert in your field which you are rapidly becoming. Don’t be overly assertive, but be confident about your research, you abilities and the company.

Good luck!

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