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Help Me Write an Essay! The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Essay Writing Service

| June 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

“Please help me write an essay.” This is a plea from many students, and of course we can help you write your essay and you are guaranteed good marks. However there are several points to consider before asking anyone to write an essay for you.

First of all, perhaps the best way of getting help is to write the essay yourself, including the bibliography, which could be annotated, to help you later. Then send it to us and we will proofread it and make sure that the English is good. That way you will have done the research for the essay yourself and will have shown that you have understood it. It could be that it is just in need of tidying up in terms of vocabulary and grammar. Of course, this is also your cheapest option.

We can write the whole essay for you, but will this actually help? If you have not done the research for yourself, how will you manage in seminars when asked for your opinion on the topic? If you just want us to write your essay for you because you are too busy socializing to write it yourself, you perhaps need to get your priorities in order. If at a later stage in your career someone asks you a question related to your degree course, what happens when you can’t answer it?

If we help you to write your essay, then you should read it through carefully and ask questions about anything you are not sure about. You will need to do some work for yourself. Having your essay written and then being able to understand it will help you substantially.

There is another problem regarding having other people writing your essays for you. For example, you may have handed in one essay to a tutor that you have written yourself. This may have been written in poor English or may not have been written in the correct academic style. If your second essay is perfect and written in native-speaker English, your tutor may be very suspicious and suspect that the essay was not written by you. Then you will have to be absolutely sure of the topic as he or she may ask you to answer questions on the topic. You will need to be prepared for these, but our essays are written so clearly that this will be easy for you.

There is no doubt that having an essay written by a well-educated native speaker will help you enormously. You will be able to comprehend what has been written and perhaps will then be able to use the essay (or at least the vocabulary in it) in other essays. It will also give you an excellent example of how an academic essay should be written.

On this site there are articles such as How to Write an Essay, and we suggest that you read these and then attempt to write your own essay. If you like we can look through it and offer advice, or proofread or edit it. If you try and feel you simply can’t write the essay then we can write it for you. You have many options, but first of all, try to write the essay for yourself. We are here if this fails, but the advice on our site regarding essay writing and how to write your bibliography should help you.

Have a go and good luck! We are here to help, so contact us to find out how we can meet your individual needs.

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