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How to Minimize Exam Stress

| May 10, 2012 | 0 Comments

It’s that time of year again, when students in the U.K., whether at school, college or university are faced with the looming threat of examinations. Some people cope well with this as they have worked throughout the year and so are confident of their success in the examinations. There are others of course who, however much they have studies over the year, feel that they haven’t studied hard enough.

If you are one of those people who thrive on stress, then fine, but if you are in danger of hyper-ventilating at the mere thought of exams, read on.Studying For Exams

First of all you should sit down calmly and plan out your revision time. When you plan your revision timetable be sensible. If you know that you have a limited attention span, then study in 30 to 45 minute periods. When you get distracted, get up and go to the fridge for a cold drink or go for a short walk. If you have a dog, it will love you during exam time!

Talk with your tutor and discuss any concepts you are not sure of. Set up a study group (which is seriously just that) with your friends and students who are on the same course as you. If you have any questions they can perhaps help by putting a concept into their own words which you could understand better than if you were told the same thing you heard in a lecture by your tutor. It is likely that is you are studying with students from different countries that one of them will be having similar problems to you and that other students can actually give a clear explanation which helps your comprehension. A supportive study group could be just what you and the others in the group need to calm down.

If you feel very stressed, don’t drink caffeinated drinks, avoid coffee, cola, tea and Red Bull or other energy drinks. They could leave you feeling very nervous and over-stimulated. Don’t drink alcohol either, as this really doesn’t help! A hangover is the last thing you want if you have revision to do.

Take time out to socialize and timetable in some leisure time. Clearly you won’t be able to have as much time with your friends for entertainment, but you can have some. Reward yourself for long periods of study by doing something such as going to the cinema or a club – but don’t drink too much alcohol! You need to relax in order to maximize your study time.

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