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How to Apply for Funding for a Postgraduate Degree in the UK

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The Fulbright scholarship program is very well-known and some students believe that the UK has no similar scholarship programmes, but this is an erroneous assumption. For students living in a Commonwealth country there are various funding options for those who wish to pursue a post-graduate degree in Britain. There are particular scholarships which target students from still-developing countries, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and African countries. It should be noted that scholarships are given to students who can demonstrate fluency in English and that their studies will help them to return to their country and contribute to its economic, social or technological development.

The most prestigious of the British scholarships is arguably, the Chevening Scholarships programme and to be eligible you have to be a foreign national although people with dual British nationality can be considered for a scholarship on a case- by-case basis. You must have at least one degree level qualification to be eligible and have a minimum of three years work experience. In your personal statement which you need to submit with your application for a scholarship you should say how you and your country will benefit from your study programme.

Some other foundations which you might like to apply for scholarships to are: –

The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme, which offers 50% grants and 50% loans, for studies to outstanding students. The funding covers tuition fees and living expenses only however and not travel expenses. The programme is for Master’s degree students, although PhD students may also apply.

The British Council Scholarships and Fellowships which can be applied for in your own country of residence and it should be noted that the British Council should also be contacted for details of most of the other scholarships on offer for British universities.

The Charles Wallace Trust again administered by the British Council for students resident inPakistan,India andBangladesh.

The Commonwealth Scholarship  and Fellowship Programme  for Commonwealth residents (not of the UK though), who wish to follow a Master’s degree M.Phil or PhD programme of studies.

The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme for which you need to have a first or very good upper second in your first degree. You should also be sufficiently fluent in English to pursue a course of study in English and not have been to a university in a developed country before. Also you should not be working in a government department in your own country.

Apart from these scholarship programmes, individual universities also offer scholarships to students from developing countries, but most, like Swansea University will not consider you for such a scholarship until you have been accepted and have accepted a place at that university.

There are many other scholarship programmes including the Google EMEA University program scholarships for students who wish to study Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering at M.Sc level. For these you have to apply to Google.

Happy scholarship hunting!


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