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A Student Guide’s to Social Media Marketing

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The comment most often made by businesses, especially those that have been established for a long time, is that they do not understand the whole concept, or relevance, of social media marketing.  As a result it is still underused by many and not used at all by some. 

The short answer to such a comment is that deploying social media marketing is a free and easy method of creating online lead generation.  Millions of people use social media networks on a daily basis; some just for personal use and others for business.  However, even those who are there just to catch up with their friends can easily see something that interests them and follow it up.

Like blogging, social media offers almost instant market feedback; be it positive or negative.  Feedback can be as simple as ‘Likes’ or in the form of more in-depth comments and reviews.  Interaction is extremely important, responding to comments and reviews that people have taken the trouble to leave, in a timely manner, may well engage further interest.  By assigning some time each day to interact with those who have taken an interest will, in the course of time, reap benefits in terms of online lead generation.

Most of the main social networking sites will readily accept RSS feed which is then displayed as status updates to contacts each time content is added.  Using tools such as ‘Twitterfeed’ will then allow content to be syndicated to multiple sites as it is updated.  Having made the choice to receive your content, subscribers will expect it to be distributed regularly.

Different social networking sites can be used in different ways by a variety of businesses.

When used correctly, social media also gives an excellent opportunity to promote proactive branding.  Website branding is just as important as website ranking and although penetration may take more time to achieve, it will ultimately lead to more online lead generation.

Social bookmarking sites are another place to target.  They enable users to create and organise a library of ‘bookmarks’, which are links to web pages users want to remember.  Many bookmarking services also provide live feeds to users so that they are updated as soon as new content that may be of interest to them is published.

Although there are currently no facts and figures to quote, it is inevitable that search engines are building social media influence into their rankings and algorithms.  With the relatively recent launch of Google + and the latest addition, Pinterest, it is almost certain that there will soon be a good deal more correlation between social media and search engine rankings.

Social media marketing is only one part of the full online website optimisation, online lead generation and marketing process.  It can certainly help to drive traffic to a website, increase brand awareness and can be a good source of inbound links.


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