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Why is WritePass Expensive?

| February 15, 2012 | 0 Comments

Why is WritePass Expensive?

Ok, so you would like to know, why is WritePass expensive?  The simple answer is we honestly aren’t. But I’m sure that’s not the answer you came for; so let me indulge you in a well researched and thought out answer.

Below are our main arguments:Why is writepass expensive?

  • Well, why is writepass expensive?  For an average student, it takes about 3 days to complete a 3,000-word dissertation. Let’s assume that you only really study for 10 hours each day. Which includes initial research, writing, and post-writing tasks. That amounts to about 30 hours of research done for a 3,000-word essay. The number of hours may be higher for a postgraduate student. The minimum wage is now about £6.08 / hr. For skilled labour, it hovers around £8 – 10 / hr. This is the minimum threshold a qualified researcher should charge for their services. We charge £300 / 3,000 word essays. That amounts to about £10/hr.  This is minimum amount required by a Writer living in USA, UK, Canada and Australia.  We primarily employ Writers from developed countries.
  • Our prices start from £109 / 1,000 words. They go higher depending on the deadline and subject area. We think it is only fair that you pay more depending on how close your deadline is, as it means more work for our researchers. This is why we charge 15% more for 1-2 week deadlines, and 30% more for deadlines of within 1 week. Furthermore, subjects such as Health Sciences, Law and Finance deserve a higher fee, as they usually require much more research and / or calculations.
  • We only hire UK graduates with a minimum of 2.1. in their Undergraduate / Postgraduate degrees, and we hardly ever take on ESL writers. You may check the criteria on our writer website. As a result, we need to pay our UK-based writers much more than what you would ideally pay offshore writers. Our writer costs usually amount to about 40 – 50% of the overall fee we charge you. Well-paid writers produce well written work.
  • We are VAT registered, so we pay 20% VAT on all orders. We do not transfer that to you, but we absorb it instead. So every time you pay us £100, 20% goes to Her Majesty.
  • We cannot offer you a cheap essay writing service, as that’s not what we do. Cheap writing service, means substandard writers, and we work with only the best writers, pay them appropriately, and also pay full taxes on all orders. Why would you pay all that money to go to a UK university, only to have substandard writers help you?
  • Our low prices do not impact the quality of our projects in any way. Unlike these other companies, we do not suffer overhead costs that we pass on to you. We keep our costs to a minimum, whilst also investing in improving our service and quality of our work. All so you can graduate with a great grade!
  • In comparison with other VAT registered Essay Writing Companies (VAT registration means you make sales of over £70,000 yearly), our prices are pretty modest.


Our average grade is and has always been 65+ on essays and dissertations, and we do not intend to compromise that for cheaper prices. We would not even offer a B-Grade service using substandard writers, even if it means we get more orders. We are sticking to our guns. 2.1. Quality on all essays and dissertations, and we intend to follow that through.

If this is a service you are interested in, then give us a call or send us an email, and we’d be happy to help you out.

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