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Where should I consider studying in the UK?

| February 2, 2012 | 4 Comments

The first thing to consider is which university has the best course to suit your needs. There are “league tables” of the universities showing which are considered the best for each subject so perhaps you should begin with these. Next you should peruse the universities prospectuses and decide which one is best for you.

Other considerations should be your own personal preferences. These may include the British climate, so remember that the further North you go from London, the colder and wetter the climate will probably be. Also if you enjoy the café culture of many European countries you won’t get that in many cities outside of London. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, and Cardiff is one of them, but because of the weather, you might have to sit indoors rather than on the pavement.

If you want the safety of campus life, then you should go to one of the universities which have halls of residence on the campus in which you will be studying. Many city universities have halls of residence which are some distance away from lecture halls and the university library. Older rural universities such as Warwick and Lancaster have a vibrant campus life and students rarely have to leave its safety if they don’t want to explore the surrounding areas.

Britain’s cities are multi-ethnic and most have mosques and other places of worship, so students have opportunities to meet with members of their own religions and ethnic groups if they feel homesick or in need of support. Birmingham, Bradford and Leeds have well-established communities from the Indian subcontinent and south Asia as do Manchester, Coventry, Bristol and Derby.

London is definitely the city to choose if you want to have an energetic life outside academia, as it seems to be the answer to many students’ desires to live life in the fast lane. However, if you want to concentrate on your studies with fewer distractions, choose a university outside the capital.

Universities with campuses have transport to and from the nearest city for the exclusive use of students at night and when you are on campus there is a variety of entertainment facilities as well as places for worship, and of course the library, which is the focal point for post-graduate students, is also there.

Having chosen your university course and university on their merits, you should then consider your personal preferences. There are so many universities in Britain which are in different localities, that you will find one which best suits your needs.

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    Thank you

    • Ty says:

      Hi Abas,

      We would send you an email with dissertation topics in logistics and supply chain management.


    • Ty says:

      Hi Abas,

      Sorry my comment is coming in a bit late.
      Is there any particular area of logistics and supply chain management you’d be interested in writing on?
      If so, could you kindly state it. It could be Just in time logistics, or Outsourcing (especially for companies such as Apple who manufacture in China, and ship globally).

      What in particular are you interested in?

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