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What is your Learning Style?

| January 15, 2012 | 1 Comment

It goes without saying that no two people learn the same way – we all learn slightly differently, although there are some common styles  that can be identified and adapted to help your revision. The examination period is a very stressful period for students, and if you are struggling to find a revision style that suits you – it can be even more frustrating.

Are you a listener or a watcher?  Or somewhere in the middle?  Well visual learners generally benefit from a variety of visual stimulation; for example with the use of colours. You can co-ordinate your revision with the use of images, written words, post-it-notes, or use different colour highlighters or pens when reading and taking notes.

Some students learn best by listening. Auditory learners do well with lecture, class discussions, etc. You can repeat key phrases or read the revision notes out load. Invent rhymes with key terms or simply record lectures on a digital recorder and listen back to them.

Some people learn better when working in groups, others on their own. Cooperative learning is an important learning tool that can be used to help validate your own understanding and revision.

It is also important to discover  if you work best in a formal  or informal setting: do you work best at a desk in a chair or maybe on the floor, a couch, a beanbag?

Also, think about your environment – some students find sound distracting and some find it calming; make sure your room isn’t too cold or too hot; a light level that all students find comfortable should be sought. Don’t forget that the human body isn’t actually designed to sit down for long periods of time

Scientific studies have actually shown the students are rarely at their best before 11am; identify your “power time” for learning and your “stand-by times” for learning.  This knowledge is particularly helpful when planning your revision time-table.

Finally, everyone benefits from feeling that they have support – so don’t hesitate to seek assistance from your tutors or lecturers. And don’t forget, WritePass offers a range of essay writing and dissertation services to help you in the examination period.

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