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The A-Level Blacklist

| January 9, 2012 | 0 Comments

Applying for university can be a difficult enough process at the end of sixth form, but it can get even harder if you find you have studied the wrong subjects. In 2010, it was alleged that certain universities have a banned list of A-Level subjects. 

This banned list created waves of press attention at the time. The alleged list showed that top universities preferred traditional subjects and shied away from non-traditional A Levels, often offered by many state schools.

In January 2011, David Willets the Universities Minister said that universities would have to reveal a blacklist if they had one. Yet since then, the blacklists haven’t been making the headlines.

So what’s on the list?

Only Cambridge, the LondonSchool of Economics (LSE) and Sheffield have ever published their blacklists, though it is expected that far many universities use them privately.

The subjects that appear on the LSE list (which is most recently updated) are as follows: Accounting, Art and Design, Business Studies, Communication Studies, Design and Technology, Drama/Theatre Studies, Home Economics, ICT, Law, Media Studies, Sports Studies and Travel and Tourism.

This list generally matches up with the Sheffield and Cambridge list, though those universities include more as well.

What to do if you study one of the banned subjects?

If you are currently doing your first year of sixth form, studying for your AS Levels and do one of the listed subjects, then don’t worry.

The three universities all stipulate that you are allowed one of the blacklist subjects, in combination with two traditional A Level s. Therefore, if you study two blacklisted subjects and two traditional, make sure you drop one at the end of your AS year.

This way, even if you’ve started with subjects on the blacklist, you may still be able to make it to the university of your choice.

Good luck.

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