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Social Media Etiquette for Students

| January 25, 2012 | 1 Comment

The modern student has much more to worry about then how your hair looks. An individual’s virtual identity is fast becoming as important as their actual identity. However, when socialising on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter (, there are certain guidelines and manners that should be followed.

It is important to keep in mind that it is not just your family and university friends who are seeing your photos and profiles; but your future potential employers as well. For this reason WritePass has outlined a list of etiquette guidelines to help you keep your virtual identity in your check.

  1. Protect your online reputation:  don’t share inappropriate pictures or information that will affect your reputation or credibility. These things will come back to haunt you when potential employees search for you on Google.
  2. Maintain separate personal and professional social media accounts. Set up separate personal and professional networking accounts for each social media site: i.e, a Linkedin site should be much more professional than a Twitter page.
  3. Be on your best behaviour when socialising, be conscious of how your comments, pictures and status’s could be interpreted by others. Sometimes people misinterpret a comment when it is read rather than said.
  4. Don’t be a social spammer: don’t be seen constantly promoting yourself, boasting about things or sending a bunch of anonymous friend requests.
  5. Build a good online reputation: leave constructive comments and don’t leave sarcastic or offensive comments. Don’t leave inappropriate or rude comments; always maintain a professional tone in your comments and show an interest in what others have to say as well.
  6. Always share useful and relevant information: the more value you provide, the more connections you will have.

To gain respect on social media sites, you have to earn it. Follow these rules and act like a responsible, mature adult because it could cost you in the future.

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