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Sitting the exam

| January 17, 2012 | 1 Comment

It’s here – the day of the exam. It’s time for all that revision and hard work to finally pay-off as you dazzle the examiners with your knowledge. When you sit the exam there are a few essential things you need to think about. Here is a checklist of the things to consider before you take an exam that you can print off and tick-off to make sure that you are fully prepared.

  • Be prepared; find out what is involved in each of the examinations that you are going to sit. Organise yourself the night before and get plenty of sleep.
  • Check you have the correct equipment with you before you leave the house (pens pencils, ruler, scientific calculator, etc)
  • Take a watch or clock so that you can time your answers
  • Look through the paper first and mark difficult questions/initial thoughts
  • Select the questions that will best enable you to demonstrate your knowledge to the examiner
  • Look at the marks available and read the questions carefully, following instructions given in the paper (e.g. to show all workings, word limits etc)
  • Use the information provided on the paper (the answer’s often nearly all there)
  • Pace yourself and allow enough time to answer all the required questions
  • Write as neatly as possible to help the examiner to mark your work. Marking untidy writing is difficult
  • For longer answers, take a few minutes before you begin to produce a structured plan of what you are going to include in each section
  • Allow yourself ten minutes at the end to read through your answers and correct any mistakes
  • Cross out anything you do not want the examiner to read (e.g. an earlier answer to a question)

Follow these tips and you shouldn’t come unstuck in the exam. For more help with examination or essay preparation, visit


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