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Should I stay in Student Halls?

| January 21, 2012 | 0 Comments

While most students spend will their first year at university in university halls, after those initial years they then move off campus to student houses. This move brings a world of changes for students, many of them financial and social changes.

For this reason some people consider staying in halls as student wardens. While the thought of being surrounded by carefree Freshers may seem like a nightmare (or a dream for some), there are some good reasons for staying in university halls:

  • Studies show that students staying in halls actually perform better academically. Living in halls usually means that the student can access the university facilities easier. Proximity to the library can help them to save a lot of time as it would take them only a few minutes to reach their classes.
  • As bills remain included in rent, most students in halls actually manage to save money which can then be used to repay their student loans.
  • Student surveys have shown that living in halls also enhances the student’s social skills! This is because they are exposed to a range of different kinds of people
  • Living in alls can also help students learn how to handle certain responsibilities such as managing their money, their domestic duties, and themselves during difficult times. Many students find that living off-campus can be overwhelming, because people have to learnt to manage their studies and finances effectively. Students living in halls don’t have to worry about paying bills.

Therefore, while it may seem exciting to move into a student house with your friends, do not underestimate the advantages of living in student halls: with less money concerns, improved access to university facilities, and a wider social environment – they are a serious option for the student looking to maximise the university experience.

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